Monday, November 21, 2011

On fire

Hubby received call early this morning around 6.15am telling him to go back to his office! And when I asked him where in the world is he going at such hour, he said his office on fire! FIRE!

But thank god after an hour later, he MMS-ing me the picture, it was just the banking hall. But hubby's office is just above, so a lot of cleaning and clearing need to do due to the smoke and dust. For time being the bank below shall be closed for investigation. Fortunately for the rain this morning, or else I think the fire could get worse.


Coffee Girl said...

that's at 3rd mile right? thank God wasnt serious. but CIMB employees will go "wheeee holiday!" :-)

Small Kucing said...

gosh....lucky tak kena your hubi's office. Guess, need to do a lot of cleaning ya since the pace would have been very wet

Ezvina said...

My son saw this and said 'ada raksasa datang bom'. Too much influence from ultraman.