Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Logo's Hope

It was a public holiday yesterday. Since I operated my shop last year, I lost count of holidays. Every day is the same to me, irregardless of holidays or working days, so not much differences.

But yesterday hubby invited me to go to Logo's Hope as it has international book fair which will be ending on 15 November. It was a hot day yesterday. We were under the hot sun for more than 30 minutes before we were able to go into the ship.

It is Logo's Hope maiden trip to Malaysia and the first stop is Kuching! Yes! Next would be in KK from 17 November to 13 December.

As you can see, this was only the first half of the queue. Luckily I brought along my umbrella. The second half of queue was much better as it was under the canopy. The queue reminded me of an hour queue for the roller coaster in Korea last year. Luckily this queue only lasted us about 30 minutes under hot sun.

Me taking photo before the queue

Our tickets and brochure. RM1 per adult. Kids below 12 is free admission

We were briefed on the operation of the ship. The famous section of the ship would be the largest floating book fair.

An insight on the crew cabin. Hubby has an idea of a double decker beds for the kids from this! Lol!

The price are in unit, since they are going to more than 40 countries.

The entrance of the book fair. It was very stuffy in there, many people. But I managed to grab 3 novels which is only RM16 per book. We spent RM204 on books and souvenirs yesterday! We did not bring the kids along, but probably I will bring little gal over this Friday since she has no school that day. Hopefully less people.

I am reading one of the novels now. Happy reading to me! *wink*


Broccoli Ginger said...

wow!! really a lot of people. I went when it stopped at Penang. But it was free and easy no need to queue at all. ;)

suituapui said...

Maiden? It used to come to Sibu during my school days - of course, it was small and not so nice...but the books were very good and cheap. This one's so big - I guess the Rejang is not deep enough for it to come a-calling anymore...

Jas said...

:) i heard that mostly is religions' book... dint got the chance to go as well due to hectic schedule... sigh

Unknown said...

Nice right, I missed it when they were at Penang tat time.

Coffee Girl said...

What shop did you say u operate again Rose? And didnt I see someone like you the other day? hehe.