Monday, November 28, 2011

After a tiring weekend

It is always good to be back to own home after a holiday. After 2 days rest at home from our short KL trip, I finally regained my strength and everything back to normal in shop. Kids are with baby sitter's since hubby is not free to look after them and I would be mending the shop whole day today.

Finished with all the packing of our shopping items and have the new clothing washed today. Fortunately the weather was good these few days but as usual it always heavy rains during the afternoons. No wonder many people is down with sickness.

Talking about sickness, my old car was down again on Saturday morning when I was sending my kids to babysitter. Probably it was on "mogok" because I deserted it for few days? Lol! Tried to drive it to my dad's workshop today but again, it broke down after few minutes so we decided to get my dad to pick up the car from our house. Wonder what is the problem now. Told hubby maybe it is time to get new car. Lol!

I have also made appointment for my facial this Thursday. Really need to go for one after back from KL because I can feel my face is clogged. Happy Monday and December is just a couple of days away!!!


Small Kucing said...

new year is coming. New year new car :)

Ez Vina said...

Happy Tuesday to you.

suituapui said...

You were in KL? When did you come back? Sunday? I flew KLIA to Kuching 2.00 p.m. flight on Saturday (26th). I'm sure you were not on that flight? LOL!!!

Coffee Girl said...

Yeay yeay! beli kereta baru! yeay yeay!

Merryn said...

U need a holiday after a holiday :P