Thursday, December 15, 2011

Butterflies feeling

On this date in 2002, I had a butterflies feeling that he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend! And indeed he did! By SMS. (How romantic could that be??? *wink*). But he did call up after the SMS and after finished talking to him over the phone, I hardly can sleep and my butterflies in the stomach did not subdue till pretty late at night.

For few weeks I have butterflies feeling whenever he called or picked me up. It was a very nice feeling. Hearing his voice, having him touching you, kissing you is so magical and it would make your head spinning. Everything evolve him.

Ok, enough musing from me. I do not want to make you puke over this post! Lol! I remember this date because it was the day me and my boyfriend (now husband) went steady. He and I were mending our broken hearts; actually from cheating partners that time. Fate takes its course. He came back from KL after many years there and we met in my previous company. Both of us were trying to move on. I am thankful that we did give our special friendship a try. And now we were blessed with 2 lovely children.

Does your partner give you that butterflies feeling after many years of marriage? I do. Not all the time of course. Lol! We have our ups and downs, but we make up. I still feel butterflies in my stomach when he shows up unexpectedly or when he gives me a surprise present. He may not be perfect person, but he is perfect for me. We complement each other. And guess what I replied him when he asked me to be his girlfriend 9 years ago?? "I am not a perfect girl, I have bad habits and flaws. You sure you want me to be your girlfriend?". And he replied back "I am not perfect too!"

And yet he gives me the butterflies feeling that many years ago and he still does. And I long for such feeling forever.


Hayley said...

Awww thats so sweet...
My hubby isnt a romantic guy so I dont expect any sweet surprise from him, haha :P

Ez Vina said...

so sweet.