Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Turtles the Coin Collectors

If you are of same generation as I do, then you would definitely know the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" cartoon series in the 80s. Those days the 4 turtles are famous for their kungfu fighting, pizza loving and "save the days" characters. Leonardo, Michangelo, Donatello and Raphael. I even remember me and my younger siblings played its video games too. Those were the days and it was even made into a movie after more than 2 decades.

Recently my dad brought these 2 ceramic coin containers for the kids. Yeap, the head shape of the king fu turtles. RM50 for 2 turtles. He could not get the other 2 as no more stock or else it would be a rare collection of those 4 turtles. Pretty big so I guess it would take a long time to fill them up.

Raphael with red bandana

Good timing as it is time to teach my Baby Jay on money saving technique. I like the sound of the coins going into the hole and drop into the container. I used to have a ceramic coin container in the shape of rabbit but when it was full, my parents had to break it to take and keep them in the bank. Those day the ceramic one did not have any opening where you can take out the coins without breaking the whole thing. Did you have a coin container when you were a kid??

My little girl was trained to keep all coins that she could get hold of when she was young, so she has few full coin boxes that we have yet to count its content. What should I do with all her coins? Would the bank counts and accepts all those coins, I wonder???


Small Kucing said...

i remember watching TMNT when i was young

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Rose!
Wow, this is freaky! We were just out grocery shopping a bit at One Utama yesterday and saw this cute looking coinbox and I was telling hubby we should get one for Ben since he likes to find our coins and putting it into boxes and containers.

We used to have a Pringles metal can but it was lost now, don't know where it is, hopefully can find back, else I think we should get one for Ben to learn.

And yes, banks will accept the coins don't worry! :)