Monday, September 28, 2009

Two is a crowd

When the confinement lady was here, everything was fine and manageable. But after she has gone, I was stuck with the children over the weekend. It may be 2 days but for me, it was 2 days of emotional torture!

One is naughty and active, and another is a demanding baby and getting cheekier himself. One has mind of her own and never listen to you, while another one needs your utmost attention and care. My patience is been tested here.

My daughter may be helpful around the house and adores her baby brother, but we couldn’t trust ourselves to leave her alone with him. Sometimes she is very mischievous, intentionally messing things around and making life difficult for us. Once a while she felt left out as we are more attentive to her baby brother, so Ig guess that would be the reason for her difficult attitude.

Back to my weekend, I had tough time looking after both of them. Furthermore, hubby was not around yesterday as he was flying to Sibu for a night to attend a friend's wedding reception. Some more I am down with cough and sore throat so it was a hectic weekend for me. It must have been the weather, as the haze is back. It has been very hot for the past week. Little J has also not recover from her cough bugs, but both of us has gone to see doctor yesterday morning. Luckily got my SIL to take care of Baby Jay for a while when we gone to see doctor.

After had settling one, another one needed my attention. Like I said, little gal is very active, and she would jump on the bed, making noises and chatting which wake up the sleepy baby. And once she finally tired and took her afternoon nap, it was her baby brother's turn to cry and did not want to sleep. Sigh! After everything, I couldn’t sleep or do anything else. I think sooner or later I will lose more weight, judging from the fact I am taking care of 1 growing toddler and 1 young baby. *wink*

My mum always tell me that it is easy to have children (conceive and give birth), but not easy to take care of them. Being a parent is a tough job. But when you see your children grow up and share wonderful memories with you, it is worth your sweats and tears. So mum, I think I better stop complaining. Now I know I was such a "pain in your @ss" when I was a baby. *wink*


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Oh i can imagine that. Pls be patient.

Ez Vina said...

same situation here, me, not just weekend, 24/7 le..but still we are very bless to have them around.

smallkucing said...

24/7 on call. Keep strong.

mNhL said...

Agree with you. Since i'm working, I only have Sunday to be the kid's fulltime 'maid' and the toddler really make me go crazy sometimes. However, have them are wonderful!