Friday, September 18, 2009

Digging business

She has this habit since young and it seemed that she cannot help herself. She will do it anytime, anywhere irregardless of anything.

I am commenting on my little gal’s gold digging. Not the real gold, but those “gold” in the nose! Yeah, very unladylike. So I have been trying to get her to stop digging on her nose.

Last time I used to make fun of her whenever she did it. Like her nose will grow bigger and she wouldn’t look nice with big nose. It works for a while but then she forgets about it and start to do it again.

Her grandma even teach her to pinch her nose whenever she has the urge. Reason given by her grandma?? Beautiful nose. Hahaha! Yeah, I wonder if pinching her nose everyday, her nose will grow pointed and nicer?? Nay! But pinching her nose is definitely better than picking on her nose. It turns out to be habit, more than a necessary thing to do so.

What should I do?? How to make her to stop this “digging” habit?


Merryn said...

one day sure kaya with all those gold! hahaha. if pinching nose can make it beautiful, i'd pince ethan's flat nose to make it pointy.. but doesnt werk le..

Zooropa said...

My niece used to have this habit too last time so my mom told her that "u no longer pretty girl if u still dig ur nose!" Surprisingly it's workable & my niece stopped doing that.

Happy Holiday!