Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Through the ordeal

2 weeks into my confinement, and baby boy Jay is also 2 weeks old now. Today is my 15th day. Every day I am counting to the day I am out of my confinement. Both mum and baby boy are doing fine. I eat and sleep well although the first week was a pain-and-suffering period. Pain on the C-Section area, develop pain on my teeth and gum, no bath and itchy here and there. Luckily I got through that stage and now am very much pain-free and got more energy and strength to look after my baby. There still no bath for me, but I only wipe myself using damp clothes. I starting to take chicken this week, cooked with kacang ma herbs. I also can eat some vegetables and fishes now. For the past 2 weeks I took pork cooked with a lot of gingers and wine.

Let's me bring you through my delivery from the day I walked into the hospital ward on 25 August afternoon. My FIL was more excited than me and hubby and he nagged us to go to Normah Medical Specialist Centre earlier that day; excuses because need to register, etc. So instead of us checking in at 2.30pm, we checked in around 1.30pm. And I have to wait in my ward till 4.00pm that day as the doctor scheduled to arrive and operate on me around 4.30pm. Probably it is my second time, so I don't feel any nerves or panic. Luckily the attendants are very friendly and talked to me at the waiting hall and operation room, so they sort of calming down my nerves. But oh boy, I still can feel the cold air when I was wheeled to the operation room. Why it has to be soooooo cold!! And I wearing nothing but the thin dress. Bbbbbrrr! Cold!

The next thing I remember was I was warded back to my ward and pain on the C-section area. I was given painkiller so don't really feel that painful, but that night I kept awaken by the night nurses who came to check on me, change my urine bag, check the drip, and measuring my blood pressure. I think I lost count of the times they came into my ward. And hubby? He was sleeping in the next bed. We took the double bed since no single room, so hubby got to enjoy sleeping on a hospital bed! Lol! We stayed there for 2 nights. I wouldn't want to stay in the hospital that long, although the doctor said that they don't usually discharged patients if the patients have not yet empty her bowel. Er, if I don't do "big business", then I can't leave? But in the end, we left on Thursday morning.

We were fortunate that we choose to operate on 25 August as later hubby told me that doctor found that baby umbilical cord start to wrap around baby's neck and I have mild contraction that morning. So, it is a blessing!!

I have my first bowel movement on Friday morning, so it was not an issue then. *wink* As for baby boy, he slept almost the whole Thursday and Friday and did not wake up much during the night. Even if he woke up, he did not cry much, just making some funny noise (like how you start the car engine). But now he is 2 weeks old, and grow stronger and bigger, he started to cry out loud now when no one pay attention to him. Lol! He drank very little on first week and into second week, about 1 - 1.5oz. Just few days ago, he already can finish his 2oz milk. Soon, we may have to change him milk bottle to 4oz. He wakes up about 1 - 2 times per night for the time being. A very sleepy baby, I said.

Baby boy did not have any jaundice but he developed rashes on his body and face. My SIL took him to see doctor last Thursday and doctor said he has a very sensitive skin, like his daddy!! So we have to use new shampoo, from Ellg Extra Gentle soap and antifungal cream for his allergic skin. Luckily they work and his skin is improving.

Once a while I get too used to call my little gal, that I called my baby boy "her"! Ooopppss! Too used to it. Hahaha! Now that he is 2 weeks old, he is getting more alert and start to make more sound. Alright, if you want to see more pictures of my baby boy, I post them on other blog.


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Oh geee. I hope you're in your tip top condition now.

Zooropa said...

Your boy only wakes up 1-2 time at night? Oh my baby wakes up many times for milk during the 1st month. BTW, what's your baby name?

Rose world said...

Hi Dora, my baby's name is Jayden. Jay in short!

janice said...

ar.. another jayden.. hehehe.. Congrats to you Rose.. hope u will get out of confinement soon .. ehehe.. i know the feeling !!.. take care

Hazel said...

still can blog for so long, do rest more and eat more, hehe

princess said...

Rose, did you breast feed your baby? Does he drink alot?

HomelyPark said...

rose, how u create the nice photo for ur baby J?