Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mind my English

I remember that there used to be a British comedy television series shown back in the 80s, titled "Mind Your Language". Wonder anyone still remember the English teacher, Mr Jeremy with his class full of foreigners? I love the series and if it is shown again in TV, I don't mind catching it all over again.

As a child, I picked up my English from "Sesame Street". English is not my mother tongue at home. In school days, I spoke mostly CHinese and Bahasa Malaysia. English is more like a third language to me then, till I went to college. There I learn to speak more English, but still I cannot escape the culture of Manglish, where "lah" is pretty common in every conversation.

Now that I have children, I try to speak proper english for the children's sake. I have to say that my 3 years old gal speaks better English than me. Sometimes she even have that American accent in here. Must be too much exposure to tv. I make sure she only watch certain tv channel, like Playhouse Disney and educational programme such as Barney.

Here I am still in confinement. I would be free in few more days, counting down to that day! then I can watch tv and catching up on some tv series. Lol! And not forgetting that I am missing this year's Raya feast. By the time I am out of my room, there would not be any Hari Raya Open House to visit. Anyway, I would like to wish all Muslim readers and friends "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" too. Leave some curry, lemang, rendang, satay and ayam masak merah for me, ok? *wink*

During my confinement, I don't lie on the bed most of the time. So whenever I am bored, I will go blog hopping. I've missed out so much on other friends' blogs. The other night while I were blog hopping, I happened to stumble on one interesting blog. Hello English, a blog dedicated to provide some helps and insights on English. I have to salute the author for his dedication and work. Well done! Do you have any problem in teaching English in your class like what Mr Jeremy from "Mind Your Language" did?


Kev said...

Frankly speaking, yes I did have Mr Brown's problems as I deal with not only local but also international students. Therefore, the way I explained the language points in my blog is easy enough for any student to understand.

btw, I've changed the blog title to "Back to English" which I find to be more appropriate for those who wish to recall what you have learnt long ago.


Nick Phillips said...

To be honest, the state of English in this country is really atrocious!

Happy holidays to you Rose :D

Zooropa said...

yeah I know that comedy too... It's good to keep improving our English, I hope I can do so.