Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Liang Gee

It was after 9pm and my man was complained of hunger. So we went to Central Park Commercial Centre for supper. Luckily the rain has stopped. We do have a lot of rain pours lately and last Saturday, there were many areas in Kuching flooded. 

Hubby brought me to Liang Gee Kopitiam for a nice plate of fried kway teow. Initially he wanted to let me try kway chap but the stall was closed. So we decided to take fried kway teow instead. 

This RM7 fried kway teow was pretty nice. I loved that they added lots of cockles in it. Super big portion, fit for sharing. 

After filled up our tummy, we headed back home.  


Nux V said...

This char kuey teow seller must be doing well since not many CKT stalls open till late.

mun said...

Must be a very satisfying supper. 😋

PH said...

Fried koay teow with cockles I like!

suituapui said...

Lots of rain here too, very hard to get around. A nuisance!