Saturday, June 18, 2022

Old Bank

This coffee shop was renamed Old Bank Cafe (老本行) and bought over by new owners few years ago. 老本行 (Lǎo běn háng) literally means "old saving". Correct me, if I am wrong. One of our favourite breakfast place around our place.  We liked the Foochow char chu stall , kolo mee stall and Malay kuih stall. Once a while, I would order Sarawak laksa there; taste-wise it was alright but other places serve better, fragrant and tastier Sarawak laksa than this stall.

That particular Friday, the Dumpling Festival, hubby and I went there again for breakfast.  Hubby was on a long break as he was going for his 3 nights 2 days fishing trip that weekend.

This round, we opted for kolo mee stall.  It has been a while since we have its noodle.  His business pretty good so some day, the waiting time was rather long.  And since no many people around, so we tried our luck and ordered its noodle.  Luckily it didnt took long for our food to come to our table.  A bowl of kolo mee for each of us and a kiaw soup (dumplings soup) for sharing.  Actually we didnt ordered the kiaw soup. The lady mistook my order,  I ordered 1 pack of dried dumplings for my mother-in-law but she gave us a kiaw soup on the spot.  Anyway, it was alright for both of us; we tried to finish them although we were full from the kolo mee.  Fortunately the kiaw was very nice.  Meaty and tasty.  Could detect the prawn and meat filling in the dumpling wraps.

While we were there, we also bought a pack of this roasted meat from one of the stalls.  RM18 for 200g of roasted pork belly!!!  Not cheap at all.

And while we were dining, an old uncle was going from one table to another table selling his goods. Only left 1 pack of groundnuts and 1 pack of this Taiwan golden kuaci when he reached our table, so we decided to buy the kuaci pack from him. RM15 for this imported pack (260g).

We never seen this golden kuaci in Kuching, so I was rather excited to try it out.  My mil likes sunflower seeds, so once we got home, my mil and I immediately tried the kuaci.  Yes, it was good.  Bigger seeds, sweeter and harder texture. They were nice to snack in.


  1. Roast pork looks good, nice colour. Price of pork going up, will be even more expensive soon.

  2. Pork price has gone up together with chicken price. Good that you all don't need to wait long. 行 means enterprise or business. 老本means capital which could mean savings too I guess.

  3. such a unique name for an eatery place...

  4. comment disappeared. Kolo mee and dumplings look delicious. These days roasted meat is expensive. This sunflower kuaci is easy to crack open. I like these kuaci too.

  5. I find snacking of kuaci very tedious. LOL!