Saturday, March 7, 2020

Evening starter

It was 29 February 2020. Last Saturday. That extra day every 4 years.

It was like any other Saturday, the kids had their usual swimming lesson that evening. I didn't cooked that day as hubby suggested to have dinner outside, which we seldom do on a Saturday night.

Our destination? Gala City. It was our first visit to this area since it was completed last year. Many eateries, boba tea shop and drinking places, mostly chic places to eat and hang out in.

We made few rounds around Gala City as we were undecided on place and food to have.

Finally we decided to try out this lok-lok place. Tian Xiang Lok-Lok.

Yes, not any gala dinner in a classy place but the kids wanted lok-lok the moment they saw the signboard. So lok-lok it shall be for them.

Self-service, so you take what you want to from the fridge. RM1 per stick. 

The kids were the one picking the lok-lok out and here was their choices.

The steamed lok-lok (above) and deep-fried sticks (below).

They had canned drinks while hubby and I took this bottled drinks, namely lo han guo and honey chrysanthemum from the drink section.

I liked that they have this container to put the sticks instead of leaving on the table. One thing, I hope they don't recycle the sticks!

Our lok-lok bill. If you guess if that was what we had for dinner, well, no. That was just our evening starter. We fed the kids up first. Lol.

Our second round of dinner is coming up in my next post!! Stay tune! 


Libby said...

Interesting lok lok place.

suituapui said...

Have not had lok lok anywhere. I see the fish balls, sausage and stuff, all the supermarket frozen ones, so bye bye!

mun said...

As long as the children are happy, it is all good so lok lok for them it is.

Amber said...

I had gone there with my friends after had the women golf lessons. The foods are really nice!

ez vina said...

Nice. I always go to Galacity. But I haven't tried this lok lok shop yet.

Nux V said...

I haven't had a serious lok lok meal in a shop. It was usually standing next to a truck and having only a 2 to 3 sticks.

Twilight Man said...

I love to eat steamboat and Lok Lok from the food trucks. It is healthy and tasty to be dipped in the sauces. All children love to eat after dipping.

SGRMSE. said...

man, now i'm craving loklok!! been a hot minute since i've had some. D: