Monday, March 23, 2020

When it came

I was very excited when my sister from KL sent me her breadmaker in middle of the month. She only used it thrice, so it was pretty new. She gave me as a gift since she wasn't using it anymore. 

It was delivered to my doorstep on Saturday, when the school holiday started. Ta-da!! My first breadmaker. 

My new toy

I have been considering of buying breadmaker for so long. And the desire was even higher when we discovered of Jamie's allergic to milk, egg and cheese. He loves bread and cakes so much. Most bakeries don't sell allergic-free breads, so option of making own bread is there. 

Inside canister

So when my sister learnt about that during her CNY visit to our house, she immediately offered her breadmaker. Thank you so much, Betty sis!! 


When it came, I started to learn more about this model, how to use and bake with it. We surfed through the internet, Youtube etc. That very same evening, we went to a nearby bakery to buy the necessary ingredients. Yup, we were that excited!!! Can't wait to get started!

The ingredients we bought

We got a pack of bread flour, refined sugar, yeast and butter. In the end I didn't use the butter, I used olive oil instead. I ran out of olive oil (coincidently), so I got to use up the olive oil that hubby got from Spain a couple of years ago.

4 small bottles of oil

It was a lesson to make bread from scratch that evening. There was always first in everything, right??  I am never too old to learn how to bake a bread! :) 

We used the machine to knead and keep it to rise for an hour. Then took the dough out from the machine canister to knead and punch it down before putting it back into the machine to bake. 

We tried the basic bread function which took 3 hours to be ready. Of course we didn't wait as it was getting late. So the next morning, we woke up to this!!! 

A round bread??? Hmm. Looked like the dough didn't rise at all. 

The texture wasn't what we wanted. Not like bread texture. Too dense and too gummy. So it wasn't a good first attempt. Please excuse me, as I am a first timer. A novice baker tried her best to bake. We tried again that day. Guess how it turned out to be???

Stay tune for my next post. :) 


Twilight Man said...

Good try!! I also have a breadmaker at home. It can make so many things but my wife only made bread for me alone.

I cannot wait to see how your 2nd attempt came out. Quick post it......

Iwona said...

I love homemade bread but I don't have a breadmaker. Good luck! :)

Nancy Chan said...

I too have been contemplating on getting a bread maker. My sister offered her used one but found it it refused to work for me. I am still considering whether I should get a new one for myself but that will have to wait.

suituapui said...

At one time, it was the craze - everyone in the family was buying and baking bread and then it fizzled out. Did not hear of anybody making it after that. I've always wanted to buy though - at a time like this, it is good to have one in the house and make one's own bread - no need to go out and buy.

Reanaclaire said...

My sister also gave me her Tesco bread maker cos she is not using it already and mine has conked out. But she lost the recipe book.. I have to google for the recipe if I want to bake...

PH said...

I am sure the second time was a success!

mun said...

I like to eat dense bread so your bread would be perfect for me. Did you all finish eating this dense bread? of course you bake the bread of your liking the next attempt.

Diana Diane Teo said...

There's no age barrier when comes to learn something new. I know you can and don't give up. Good luck on your second attempt!

Ezvina said...

At times like this, I wish I have 1 breadmaker too.

But I tot this thing is supposed to work like a rice cooker, put everything in and wait for it to be done? No?!

Libby said...

My ex-colleague who is very good in baking is crazy about breadmaking at one time too. Have fun with your new toy!

Sharon D. said...

I look forward to reading your bread adventures, Rose. You are doing great for trying and trying! Practice makes perfect, kan ^.^