Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Morning and evening

One morning, hubby and I woke up early so we went out for breakfast together. Just the two of us. Kids still sleeping so we quietly sneaked out for breakfast.

We went to Choo Choo Cafe for its noodle. Lately, the husband of the operator took over the cooking and preparing the noodle and we found it was much nicer and tastier than the lady operator. 

I used to dislike its kolo mee hoon as it was not properly cooked. Hard to chew. But of lately when the man took over, his kolo mee hoon is my favourite. That morning I requested for kolo mee hoon with fried fish strips. Crispy and tasty strips, I enjoyed them very much. 

In the evening on the same day, I didn't cooked dinner. Since we were going for our grocery shopping, we went to this nearby food court for dinner. 

I ordered bak kut teh and pork leg rice from the same stall for dinner. 

I special requested pork belly, tofu puffs and braised egg for my pork leg rice. Yup. No pork leg in my pork leg rice. Lol. 

They were pretty generous with meats but I prefer they sliced the meat thinner. Somehow my teeth was not able to chew on those chunky meats. Lol. 

I ordered this bak kut teh to share with my man. It was mild in taste. I prefer the pork leg rice more.


suituapui said...

Wahhhhh!!!! So romantic! Sneaked out early morning to phak tho!!! :D :D :D I am not a fan of kolo bihun, no kampua bihun or kway teow for me too, I'd stick to mee. Your pork looks good!

Merryn said...

No pork leg in your pork leg rice. Hahahahaha. This is macam ordering Teh O Ais without ais or Ice Kacang without the kacang. LoL.

Iwona said...

So delicious :)

PH said...

hee..hee.. sounds romantic sneaking out together! The pork leg rice looks really yummy to me. Perhaps I should cook my own :)

Nancy Chan said...

A good chance to be alone with each other, enjoying breakfast. Food looks yummy.

mun said...

I also dislike eating food that is hard to chew. Good that you both woke up very early to enjoy a pak tor time together eating breakfast.

lina said...

Nice to enjoy a breakfast date once in a while. :)

Libby said...

I just encountered hard to chew tough meat today.