Friday, September 27, 2019

We were first

Hubby and I woke up very early on one Saturday morning. Around 6am. Hubby suggested to go breakfast with him as he had his monthly fishing trip later that morning. 

So off we went to this coffee shop. Choo Choo cafe. We patronized this coffee shop quite frequently as it was nearer to our place and the noodle wasn't bad. 

They opened up not long ago and we were the very first customers there. 

While we waited for the boiling water to boil, we had our morning drink first. Mine was forever faithful teh-c. Lol. 

Soon my order came. Kolo mihun. Yup, did not feel like having kolo mee so I had kolo mihun. Not too hearty for me. 

Hubby and I shared this lovely mixed pork soup. Liver, pig's blood and minced meatballs in the soup. 

Hubby was on diet, so he tried to cut down on carbo. No noodle for him. 

More customers came when we left. It wasn't 7am yet. The haze was there that morning. Thank God that the PSI reading has dropped to less than 200 that day.


  1. Name sounds like a train. LOL!!! Your kolo bihun looks good, your hubby's order and the soup too!

  2. Choo Choo cafe is nearby MJC there right? My dad and my brothers love their kolo mee so much. Like almost every week must go there and eat.

  3. I like your kolo mihun. I am also cutting down on carbo. Happy weekend!

  4. Oh very interesting food
    Thanks for share with us

  5. That was a very early breakfast. Your hubby's soup with all the porkie goodies look very good to me.

  6. I used to love to eat pork blood, hardly see any pork blood in sg nowadays. Good to have a change to mihun at times.

  7. luckily the haze has gone now...I prefer the porky soup....yummy breakfast at 6am....I dun tink I have such an early breakfast at kopitiam before.

  8. Over here no more haze already, I mean in Ipoh.. Hope your area is cleared too...

  9. I have a strange tummy that only digests better after 9 am. Waking up at 4 or 5 am is no problem for me.