Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Menu #9

It has been long since I posted food pictures. So here are my random pictures of food that I had over the weekend to share with you. Pictures taken using my Blackberry. Not so sharp but good enough for me. *wink*

17th mile's famous vegetable kueh brought by my friend. What I had for tea break yesterday....A bit oily on the skin but the vegetable and water chestnut kueh are yummy

The famous Sarawak cangkuk manis cooked with egg
Claypot dinner comprising of stewed mutton and braised pork legs from a claypot stall in Number 6 Kopitiam, Jln Song. They become our favourite dishes, and without fail we always order the same dishes. It is not that the other dishes not nice, but we are addicted to these two!

My mom's bubur cha cha. This Nyonya dessert has always been my favourite since young. I love more sago in my bubur chacha and the sweetness of sweet potatoes.


Merryn said...

The first pic, the kueh that one.. I very suka oh!!!!!!! Can have lots n lots of that!

lvynana said...

Long time didnt eat bubur cha-cha la..

mNhL said...

I love food to be served in claypot.

wenn said...

i want the bubur cha cha..

Reanaclaire said...

Rose, can you contact me at reanact@gmail(dot)com