Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here I am again

Happy 10/10/10. Once in a lifetime date. And that is why you see me around that early....All I want to do is to tug in my bed, do nothing, sleep, play pc games, facebook and blog hopping. Yeah, yeah! As if!!

It would be easier if my children do not disturb me, and if they would not jumping in the bed, messing the room, making so much noise, and making their mummy running up and down like "chicken without head". Sigh!!

I know it is a Sunday, but for a working mum like me, every day is a working day!! Opening shop at 10am, closing shop at 10pm and every night coming back like dead meat. Fortunately I have hubby to help me so we take shift to close shop. At least I have some times for my 2 kids. So, what the difference does a Sunday make you may ask me?

The worst thing you could do is NOTHING.....Sigh! If it is that easy to do than say. Time to get down to business. I know the day is still early, but what an early bird gets?? Worm! As for me, house chore and then money, money, money when I open up my shop. Lol! That is me, ranting on a Sunday. Happy Sunday, everyone!


Ez Vina said...

Happy Sunday! wow lots of money you are getting there..;)

smallkucing said...

Happy week to you :D