Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kids' dietary supplements

When it comes to children, as a parent, you always want the best for them. You trying your best to provide the best food, clothing and stuff for them. So no wonder the children nowadays are spoilt and pampered. But if you do not pamper them with good things, then who should you pamper with, right? I guess like every parents, we always worry when our kids fall sick. Nothing is easy when you have a sick kids. So either way or another you will tend to give supplements to your kids.

Since my little gal is around 1 year old, I have let her take Scott Emulsion to strengthen her immune system. Once she started school at age of 3, I introduce her to multi-vitamin. You know how kids are once they are schooling. They catch viruses easily. So my little gal also have her share of sickness but usually is simple cough or flu.

She always love this Hi-C Fruit Chewies from Cosway. It consists of 100 chewable 6 delicious fruity flavours. Every day she would take 2 chewies without me nagging her to do so. Sometimes I ever have to control her intake, worry overdose of Vitamin C! Lol! And not only my little gal, even my Baby Jay started to take it few months ago. But of course I have to give him smaller portion, because worry he will simply swallow and choke on it. That boy of mine is like a "gold fish"; he simply eat everything that we feed him! And when ever he sees food, he will say "nen nen", or if we do not let him and we eat ourselves, he will scratch or even attack your mouth. That boy of mine!

I also let my girl take Chlorella and Spirulina; starting this year. One tablet per day. She just love to bite on them because she thrills at the thought of them making her tongue turns green. Lol!

Well, at least both of my kids would not be lacked of supplements. Why not? Because their mum is a Cosway stokist! *wink*

(This is not a paid post. I write this to share with you)


smallkucing said...

Chlorella and spirulina from cosway are real good. But that Vit C is a bit too sweet

Merryn said...

when i look for vitamins, i make sure they are sugar free.. but somehow, all still end up very sweet leh..

mNhL said...

my kids took supplements too but i'm a bad mum. i often forget until they have to remind me.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sarah used to love vitamins but now started get bored. Sometimes I have to include in her meal box so that she can consume it at school.

jade said...

maybe 4 times a week and i watched for video on less is more and not to over train, is this enough a week to get a transformation noticed,