Saturday, December 4, 2021

My curried squid!

How many of you have watched the Korean TV series, Squid Game?? No, I haven't watched it yet although I heard that season 2 is in production. There wasn't any squids in the series, unlike the name indicated but I do have some real squids in my freezer!!  

I have 2 packs of frozen squids, big size that hubby bought for his fishing trip. Since he would not be using them soon, I took out 1 pack last week and cooked the squids. I liked it coated and fried but mostly I prefer the curry version. I used Abadi brand of fish curry powder for my curried squid. 

Super simple recipe, but the cleaning may be a hassle. However, when there is a will, there is a way.


6 big sized squids, cleaned and cut into rings 

1 tbsp cornflour 

2 tbsp fish curry powder 

3 garlic cloves, minced

1 shallot, sliced 

1 lemon grass stalk, white part only, sliced 

1 big onion, sliced 

Cooking oil 

Salt to taste (about 1 tsp)

Dashes of dark soy sauce 

1/2 tsp sugar


1. Coated the cut squids in cornflour,  mix well and put aside. 

2. In a hot pan, heat up about 2 tbsp cooking oil. Stir fry the squid for about a minute. Dish out and set aside. 

3. In a clean pan, heat up about 2 tbsp cooking oil. Add in the garlic, shallots, onion and lemongrass. Saute till fragrant. 

4. Add in the curry powder. Saute for a while before add in the squid. Mix well.

5. Season with salt, sugar and dark soy sauce. Mix everything evenly. Can add a bit of water if too dry or you want a bit of gravy. I prefer dry version. 

6. Serve with rice!


suituapui said...

I must say it looks VERY VERY good!!! Much nicer than any I have seen at the Malay shops and stalls!!! What? He uses the squids for his fishing? girl loves those so much!!!

Angie's Recipes said...

I miss squid! This looks so flavourful and lipsmackingly delicious, Rose.

Nancy Chan said...

I like squid if they are not chewy. Once in a while we do order deep fried squid. Curry squid sounds yummy.

mun said...

Wah, u r πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺto clean the squid thoroughly. I haven't watched squid game too though I heard about it. I used to like eating pepper salt deep fried squid of a certain restaurant but they changed the way they cooked that dish so I don't like that as much. Your squid dish looks very flavourful and tasty so can eat many bowls of rice with it.

PH said...

LOL! I have watched Squid Game and it is quite entertaining and very kan cheong. Some scenes made me scream. But no, I have not eaten squids in a long time hah..hah...

Nux V said...

i miss eating squid!!! Such a luxury food nowadays. The 'RM50 per squid' in one of the mamak restaurant freaks me out.

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