Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Fast food

I rarely venture to the food court in the back part of the well-known Green road Sin Lian Shin kolo mee shop. A short walk on the small road of Sungai Maong Hilir (next to the row of shop where Sin Lian Shin is located), and further on, you would notice this Onn Food Corner.

It was the start of Ramadhan month. So Jan was dismissed from class early, ie 1120am. So on 1st day of fasting month, after parked my car somewhere near the school, I walked across to this food court to check what they had. 

It was early, slightly after 1030am so it was easy to cross the usually high traffic road. 

One thing special about this food court was not only it serves food but it has fresh vegetables for sale too. 

The vegetable stall was right in front so you could see some vegetables on sale before you notice few food stalls selling kolo mee, laksa and so on. The fast food stall was right next to the vegetable stall. 

It was very early, but most dishes were gone!! This fast food stall managed by few Hakka guys, as they mainly speak Hakka dialect with you. So being a Hakka myself, I felt pretty comfortable with them. If you looking for Hakka dishes, this stall is as authentic as you could find in Kuching. 

They mentioned that their customers bought packs for lunch early so they have yet to cook and replenish the dishes at that time. 

I noticed that they had kacangma and stir fried paku with lard in my first visit but none this round. Anyhow, since I was there, I decided to buy few dishes for lunch. 

Dishes could be packed from RM3 onwards. I packed these dishes and total was RM20. Fried fshes was RM2 each. 

And I also bought these 2 vegetables from the vegetable stall for RM6 before walked back to my car and waited for my girl to finish her class. 

Hope I have better luck next round, more dishes to choose from. 


suituapui said...

Ooooo...I love kacang ma!!! Can eat two plates of rice! The curry looks good - not like Sibu Foochow curry. LOL!!!

Nux V said...

really fast gone! those customer buy in bulk? LOL! maybe these days people scare to dine out, so mostly back to tapao again?

Reanaclaire said...

Nice place to go... got food served and buying vegetables at the time...

mun said...

I also have my eyes on the curry. looks delicious!

Nancy Chan said...

Very convenient to have food and fresh vegetable under the same roof. People find fast food very convenient. Can buy varieties without having to cook them.

Imemily said...

Nice walk to the market

Jennifer Davison said...

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