Wednesday, September 30, 2020

One of them

Few coffee shops opened in my area in recent year and this was one of them. Yang Guan Cafe, next to Cosway MJC, exact across the road from this coffee shop. I have never gone to check on its food stall till few weejs ago. 

Few food stalls opened such as laksa, Muslim food, kolo mee and so forth. There was even a stall selling pork meat noodle, something similar to Sabah sang nyuk mee. We only noticed that after we ordered and seated. 

They were having drink promotion, free one iced tea when you ordered any food from the food stalls. Subsequent order of iced tea only cost you RM1. 

No guessing of what I had that morning on my first visit here. 

Sarawak laksa!! Didn't look that appetizing but taste-wise, it was alright. Just nice. RM6 for my normal portion of laksa. 

Hubby ordered Mee Jawa from the Muslim stall. They did not served beef that morning so hubby had fried chicken to go with his Mee Jawa. RM6 for his plate. 

The Malay couple was nice and apologetic as they did not have beef that morning. They even explained that they usually had leftover meat as not many ordered Mee Jawa daging in the past. They even told us to come back next time and give us special if they have beef then. Hubby liked their Mee Jawa so I guess we would be visiting soon.  At least we found a nice Mee Jawa near our place.


  1. I like how the coffee shop is so squeaky clean and the tables are well spaced out plus, no customers. I would want to go there, none of those crowded places for me, thank you.

    Your laksa does look watered down but your hubby's mee jawa looks good!

  2. The mee jawa in Ipoh here looks different, it has a thicker gravy sauce and topped with potatoes, beancurd and some fried stuff.

  3. The couple selling the Mee Jawa is so kind by offering to give 'Special' the next time....

  4. Hubby and I love mee jawa too. We have found one or two good ones here.

  5. I love to eat Mee jawa. Your Sarawak laksa looks very tasty with the prawns.

  6. Look forward to read your post for your next visit there.

  7. I had tasted mee jawa during a lunch buffet at KSL resort hotel last time and i like it!

  8. I love to eat Mee Jawa esp the ones in Penang. In KL, we could hardly find the Mee Jawa stalls. The most funny thing is I could not find any Mee Jawa or Ais Bandung in Indonesia. I wonder how they got the names here.