Friday, April 7, 2017

Remember when

We went back to Kapit for Ching Ming this year. Our 1st time gone back to hubby's hometown for the festival.

So last Sunday morning we took the earliest flight into Sibu. Since we had the whole morning in Sibu before our express departing time (1230pm), we were free on our own.

As neither of us had breakfast, we decided to get the taxi to drop us in Good Happiness Restaurant for its morning dim sum. We remember when we used to stay in Sibu few years ago that how much we enjoyed the sumptious dim sum here, we decided firsthand to come back here last weekend.

Our delicious and BIG dim sum. We forgot how big the dim sum was though. We had hard time finishing them all. Lol.

Hubby had this pork intestine which I did not touch at all.

But I enjoyed the tender and flavourful pork ribs very much.

The egg tart was good as well.

The boys had this kampua.

And a bowl of wanton soup.

Our breakfast receipt.

By the time we were done, it was around 930am and the place was packed with morning patrons.

Satisfyingly delicious breakfast that last us till we reached Kapit around 4pm.


Sharon D said...

It's all too easy for me to get carried away with ordering too much for dim This is a nice way to start a traveling day ..on a full stomach! ;)

mun said...

The children must be very excited to go to Kapit and participate in the Ching Ming activities.

anzerinchee アンゼリン said...

The dim sum must be nice leh.

suituapui said...

See!!! See!!! Sibu food is nicer than Kuching, right? Hehehehehe!!!! Oh? Got kampua there? Must order and try one of these days. Your boys true blue original Foochow, must have kampua, ya? LOL!!!

Phong Hong said...

I think there is a tendency to over order when it comes to dim sum because it is a bit of everything and it adds up to a lot. But it was good that it filled you up to last until afternoon.

Merryn said...

Those are really huge. So nice to return and get to eat your favourite dim sum :)

Libby said...

We tend to over order for dim sum as we would like to try everything, I just had Dim Sum recently, I like the Pork Ribs too

We also went to pay respects our late father on Monday during the Qing Ming Festival, lucky weather was not too hot, if not can get heat stroke under the big sun

Libby said...

*pay respects to our late father

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Sometimes, my eye greedy, i will over order... hehe...