Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Celebrating birthday in The Farm

Jan's birthday falls on 28 April so she would be officially 11 by then, which is a Friday.  It is a working day and hubby would not be able to join in the celebration as he is travelling.  So, we had an early birthday dinner last Sunday evening in The Farm Bistro, E-Mart Batu Kawa.

We were the few early birds that evening, so I were able to take some shots in relaxing mood. Love the setting.  Bright, white and clean, with some parts with brick walls. I super loved the Edison bulbs, gave the place a barn-like environment.

The seating place

The Edison light bulbs

Wall of Shovels

The Menu

We decided to have a small size of Sharing Platter (RM129.90) which hold smoked pork ribs, smoked bacons, roasted chicken leg, pork knuckle, roasted pork, Kassler ham, homemade sausage and soft buns. We also requested for mashed potatoes instead of wedges to go with the platter.

Sharing Platter (small size)

So, so much in the platter.  This is definitely for 3 to 4 persons to share. I wonder how humongous would the big size (RM249.90) for 6 be??

close look at the sinful meats!

Loaded with proteins!  I need some time to shed all those calories and fat I put it. But I did enjoyed the platter, especially the crispy pork knuckles, roasted pork belly and their homemade soft buns.

And on top of that, they gave us few dipping sauces so we can tasted and experimented with the meats. There was black pepper sauce, spicy and sweet chilli sauce, mustard, sweet apple sauce and ranch dressing. I liked the ranch dressing the most.

It was an enjoyable first dining experience for us. We loved what we had that night. Hope to come back to try other food on the menu or maybe we could just stick to The Farm Special - Sharing Platter.

And Happy Birthday to you, Jan! Hope you had a great birthday dinner in The Farm Bistro. We love you. 


anzerinchee アンゼリン said...

Happy Birthday to you Jan.

suituapui said...

Wowwwwwww!!! Your girl is a little lady now, no more a little girl. Very soon, will have a boyfriend already prepared. LOL!!! Food looks so so so good but I can't say I like those shovels as the decor on the wall. Maybe if they paint them in nice bright colours, it may look nicer.

lina said...

Happy birthday in advance, Jan!

mun said...

happy birthday to Jan in advance! the shovels on the wall look so creepy!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Advanced Happy Birthday to Jan!!!

I will opt for mashed potatoes too, hehe...

Phong Hong said...

What a nice birthday makan for Jan! I really like that sharing platter. It is so loaded!

Nancy Chan said...

Happy birthday to Jan. Nice wall of shovels. Ooo I love that nice sharing platter. Yums!

Merryn said...

That is such a hearty meal. I like! Hehe.

Happy Birthday Jan. Growing up each day to be such a beautiful girl just like mummy.

Sharon D said...

Happy Birthday, Jan!
Rose, what a lovely place to celebrate. I love the ambiance and the decor. It seems to be all feel-good. The food looks great too.

baili said...

Happy birthday to Jan !
great place you choose to celebrate

Libby said...

Happy belated birthday to Jan, she is an April baby like me, today my birthday hee hee

Looks like a wonderful and satisfying meaty meal

Rose World said...

Happy birthday to you, Libby. Best wishes always.

Emily Tang said...

Happy birthday to your Jan
That's look like a great birthday celebration :D