Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Since we were here

In the late afternoon, we dropped by Precinct 88, Jalam Song to get something. After settled our stuff, we walked passed by this place. 

Used to be SCR Express outlet here before it changed its name and concept to 1 Junction, a Singaporean food outlet.

Hardly anyone there. Maybe too early as it was just after 4pm and not many food to choose from. 

Since we were here, we decided to order and take-away our dinner. None of us were hungry as we had late lunch that Sunday.

We bought 2 packs of Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng and another 2 packs of Herbal Duck Noodle.

By the time we reached home, I got ready hubby's stuff as he hitched a ride with a staff to Sri Aman that evening due to his car broken down. 

Hubby and Jay had their noodles so I did not took any shots of their food. 

I had my nasi lemak after everyone finished up their dinner and hubby left for Sri Aman. 

I could detected the mild scent of pandan and coconut milk in my rice. Not overly "lemak". The fried drumsticks was a surprise. The skin was crispy and the meat was juicy. Just like how I like my deep-fried crispy chicken.

The peanuts were good as well. So crunchy and totally no over-roasted or burnt and bitter taste. As for the sambal, it was just okay. Not too spicy or too sweet. 

Overall it was a nice nasi lemak. Just wish I have some crispy anchovies or salted fish to go with it and it would be a perfect nasi lemak dinner.

As for the herbal duck noodle, I did get to taste the roasted duck. Jay almost finished up the noodle and left the meat for me. The duck meat was nice; not too fat and well seasoned. I also could detected the herbal scent in the duck as well as the noodle.  And I spotted a piece of dang gui in the takeaway too.

That's it. Our Sunday dinner was settled that evening. 


PH said...

That was a very nice dinner!

mun said...

I like dang gui herbal taste in duck meat. Very tasty!

Nancy Chan said...

I like the look of the nasi lemak. The sambal looks good too! I love herbal duck. Long time haven't eaten nasi lemak so I guess I might go look for nasi lemak!

Lotus said...

Love that crispy fried chicken in that nasi lemak. I also long time never eat nasi lemak already

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I always cannot resist fried chicken...

Unknown said...

There are so many things to read and catch up with all of you here... Since like been years I didn't blog hop again.

Merryn said...

Oooh I love herbal duck. Used to eat it very often before I had Ayden. Hmm... must go get one now!

Anonymous said...

Used to be my favourite place to date when it was Scr's. hehe

Sharon D. said...

That is a very yummy meal, Rose. I haven't had nasi lemak in a long time. You're making me drool!