Saturday, December 10, 2016

Came back

It was one Saturday when hubby needed to attend a meeting and left me to decide what and where for breakfast with kids.

We came back here, the place where we had our breakfast a week ago when our car broke down.

Each has their own preference so I let the kids decided what they want. More choices here than other nearby coffee shops.

Jan went for roti telur. She loves the roti telur from the mamak stall.

RM2.20 roti telur

Jay had the kampua. He enjoyed it. Young couple handled the stall. They have other Sibu specialties as well but so far, we only have its kampua.

RM3.00 Sibu Kampua

I tried the fried pan mee that morning. Never tasted fried pan mee before so I were looking forward to it.

RM6.00 fried pan mee

My first impression?? The noodle was sweet,  but not much ingredients other than egg, cangkuk manis, fried shallots and few meat balls. Do I like it?? Not really. I always prefer savoury noodle than sweeter one.

They also gave me this saucer of condiment to go for the pan mee but I only used some of the chilli flakes.


suituapui said...

Sweet? Like the Malay fried noodles? Theirs tend to be sweet because of the tomato or chili sauce added. I don't long as it tastes nice...and has lots of ingredients like what you had.

PH said...

What a yummy breakfast. I haven't had breakfast like this for a long time. Now it's only fried eggs or omelette.

Nancy Chan said...

I have not tried the Fried Pan Mee. I prefer the soup version.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

I'm hungry already just by looking at those food. Huhuhu

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I never tried the fried pan mee before...

Blackswan said...

Everything looks so yummy, dear! xoxo

mun said...

I would go for the roti telur like Jan.

Sharon D. said...

Ever since you introduced Kampua Mee to me, Rose, I have been getting a regular supply from my aunt in East Malaysia ..haha! Yummiest noodles.