Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Second time to the house

Our first visit to The House Cafe was in September. It has been more than 2 months since then and when hubby was on leave sometime middle this month, we came back for the second time.

The House Cafe

This time, I did not have the Sarawak laksa which was good. Hubby had his dose of yummylicious that morning where as I went for the Muslim stall.

Sarawak laksa RM6

A girlfriend recommended its Mee Jawa from the Muslim stall which was perfect and fit her tastebuds.

I were convinced to try Mee Jawa ayam that morning for my breakfast.

Mee Jawa ayam RM6

True to her words, the gravy was delicious and flavourful but not too sweet. Just right consistency and thickness.

I love the cucur that they added in the mee jawa. Couldn't get enough of it.

Mee Jawa daging RM6

Hubby tasted the gravy and he immediately ordered a pack of Mee Jawa daging for lunch.

Look at the chunky beef!! Irresistible, right??

Rojak ayam RM5

As for me, I just got to tapau its rojak ayam. Delicious with fried chicken pieces, cucur, beansprouts, cucumber and boiled egg. 

The operator was so generous; gave us 2 big packs of gravy to go with the Mew Jawa and rojak. I wouldn't mind coming back here for their Muslim food anytime.

Hubby is on leave this whole week and the kids are back from their long "sabbatical" holiday. Everyone is back together. Maybe another visit to The Home Cafe is in order sometime this week.


suituapui said...

Everything looks good, very generous with the ingredients.

Unknown said...

I love Mee Jawa

Reanaclaire said...

I like the thick sauce too... Rojak Ayam? Wow.. that is new to me, I would love to try that!

PH said...

The mee jawa looks good, so you must go back there again :)

mun said...

The cucur looks so good. No wonder your husband immediately bought a packet for himself.

Hayley said...

The mee jawa and rojak looks yummy!!

Libby said...

I had Mee Jawa at KSL JB last time and I love the taste of it

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I loves the prawn from the Sarawak Laksa...

Sharon D. said...

Aiyo..the mee jawa looks so heavenly..