Friday, May 8, 2015

My Pinoy food galore

I am blessed to have an early Mother's Day dinner in this Filipino restaurant in Jalan Padungan last Friday evening, thanks to my dearest hubby.

He also invited my parents, sis, bro and sil for the dinner. We made a table reservation as worry of crowd but luckily it was not packed that evening.

My first time there and I bumped into the owner, who happen to be an uncle of my friend. We chatted for quite a while and then place our order from him.

The menu is mostly in Filipino so we leave it to the owner to recommend us his good dishes.

Pinoy Fiesta is the first and only Filipino restaurant around here. I am sure all Pinoy will feel at home here as most staff are from Philippines since the co-owner herself is a Pinoy, married to this uncle of my friend.

Setting was nothing impressive but I like the wall pictures especially this one. Roasted pig! ^^

It was not brightly lighted so you could see my photos are pretty yellowish. 

I tried its avocado milk drink and I really enjoyed it. Delectably smooth and creamy.

Our first dish was this tasty eggplant omelette. You can choose either you want to go for steamed rice or garlic rice but everyone opted for the former one.

Some day I would try hand on cooking this eggplant omelette. It shouldn't be hard.

We also have this fried quail. It has been ages since I tasted my beloved fried quail. The quails were delicious and they were not too hard. And I loved the spicy sambal dipping that they served here.

One thing about Filipino cuisine I learnt was they enjoy their dishes to be sweet and creamy with coconut milk.

This pumpkin special was sweet and rich. It is pumpkin and prawns cooked in creamy coconut milk. An awesome dish because personally, I love pumpkins.

Another sweet and creamy dish is this pineapple chicken. Quite appetizing too but I prefer the pumpkin special more.

Their pork satay is another recommendation in the menu. Very chunky, soft, juicy and again, flavourful with its sweet sauce.

And just when we thought we have enough, the dish that we were eagerly waiting for that night! Got to be this crispy pata. Cannot come here and do not taste this tasty and crispy pork trotter, right?

It was well seasoned but certain part was hard. I enjoyed those fatty part more. Softer.

Last but not least was this ulam. What to say about vegetables? Healthy and raw, I think. Hubby loved it every bits with its sambal dipping.

Overall, you can say that we had a spectacular feast and everyone enjoyed it very much and full to the max! The services were fast as we were the 2nd table. By the time we finished our food, the restaurant was packed with patrons.

Total damages? Around RM215 plus drink. Thanks hubby for the wonderful dinner.

Mother's Day is 2 days away.  Have  you planned your dinner or do anything special that day? I am not sure the plan but I heard whispering among the daddy and kids. Maybe some surprises I am going to find out that day.


Ez Vina said...

wah, already went for dinner and still waiting for surprise ar? Lucky u!

Nancy Chan said...

Rose, that was a very delicious Mother's day dinner. Every dish looks so super yummy. Wishing you in advance "Happy Mother's Day".

Small Kucing said...

Gonna mark this place if i go over ☺

Linda said...

Looks like a great time! :)

Anonymous said...

Been here once before...a long, long time ago. Did not quite like it - hopefully, they have improved since then. The crispy pata...was all fat, very oily - the ones at your favourite place in Sibu is so much nicer.

Princess Ribbon said...

Happy Mother's Day, all the food look so good..Wah got surprise whisperings between daddy and the kids, I wish I have that too..

Yannie said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Rose. We will go for dinner with MIL and I have ordered Mother's Day cake.

Blackswan said...

Honestly, I haven't been to any Filipino restaurants other than during my visits to Manila years ago. I would love to their try suckling pig!

mun said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! May you have more pleasant surprises on that day. :) The eggplant omelette should be very nice.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

All the foods looks good...

Sharon D. said...

The eggplant omelette looks very interesting. What a great meal, Rose! :)