Friday, September 27, 2013

Allergy and emotion

Don't know about other mommies but in all my 3 confinements I would develop small blisters on both hands. Itchy and annoying blisters. A glance, you would think they are rashes but close view, they are actually blisters. Now into my 3rd week the blisters are getting more. And not only that, I also noticed some rash spots on both hands. Like allergy spots. 

Too much protein in my body? 

Initially I thought it is hygiene problem so I wash my hands with warm water most of times. But they still appeared. Then I thought must be the food I ate. Too heaty and rich with wine and ginger. Normal time I do not eat them much.

Other than those itchy and annoying spots on my hands, feet and arms I also tend to be more emotional this time. Probably change of hormone after delivery? Or away from home and family? Because previously I did in my in-laws' house and hubby was around. This time I am doing in Sibu, my parents not around, hubby is also busy travelling and seldom at home. As matter of fact I missed my parents(so happy to see my dad early this week when he came), my hubby is now in KL for training and I am bored with only baby and CL at home. I get emotional over small things, easily cry and teary over silly matters. I was a teary pot on first week. Now I feel better. Maybe while I am in my confinement, I have been doing a lot of prayings. 

Any mommies have such experiences too?


suituapui said...

Dunno. Hope it will get better soon.

Ez Vina said...

I get very emotional also during my confinement, so most of the time hubby la yang jadi mangsa.

Small Kucing said...

Yea hormone changes. That's why.

Merryn said...

If you are having postpartum depression it is because of hormonal changes. Maybe being away from your kids is a factor too but sometimes, if they are around and you are busy taking care of your newborn can drive you even more crazy!

I don't experience those rashes but I do experience slight water retention after delivery. It goes away after several days..

Hope everything will be well with you and fret not, your confinement will be over real soon!

Hayley said...

You developed blisters during your confinement? All of them?
Hmm weird...
I din't have that~

Anyway, speedy recovery to you!

mun said...

I have not given birth before but I read it is quite common to feel sad due to the hormone changes. Hope you feel better soon.

About the blisters, sometimes I have very, very tiny tiny blisters which are very itchy and I think it is due to being allergy to something. Really hope you feel better soon.

Take care.