Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Menu #33 : Steamed Salted Chicken

I am back to my cooking cap.  This round I am trying on how to cooked Hakka Salted Chicken.   

My first attempt.  Mum usually used the dry method into cooking salted chicken.  Just put the whole chicken into the deep wok and pour an amountful of course salt.  This method will guarantee a very tasty and salty chicken dish.  Cover the wok and cook in small fire and once a while, turn and stir the chicken with salt.  Once the chicken is cook, take it out from the wok and when it is cool, chop the chicken into smaller pieces.  As for the coarse salt, my mum would throw it away.

As for me I did not use this method but steaming method.   It also save on coarse salt as I do not need to use so much.  However it was not so successful 1st attempt because I did not rubbed enough coarse salt on the chicken.  Or maybe I did not marinate it long enough.  So the chicken did not turn out salty but nevertheless we finished up the whole dish because we like the salty juices after the steaming process.    *wink*  The salt all evaporated into juices.

On my 2nd try,  I marinated my chicken with the following seasoning:

1/2tsp white pepper, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1/2 tsp sugar, and 1 tsp sea salt

Marinate the chicken and leave it for an hour.  After an hour, add some wolfberry (kei chi) and a  teaspoon of course salt and mix them well.  I transfered my marinated chicken into aluminium foil.  I used rice cooker steamer and steam the chicken for an hour. 

The result?  See it for yourself!

The chicken will produce juices, so no need to add any water.  Scoop the chicken and juice onto your rice and dip them!  

Successful attempt.  I will definitely make this dish again. 


suituapui said...

My missus cooked this once. Both my daughter and I did not enjoy it... Maybe not to our taste or maybe wrong recipe, dunno.

Hayley said...

Looks delicious and healthy! Slurp~

Yannie said...

It feels so good when our first attempt turned out to be a successful one. Thumbs up for you.

mNhL said...

wooo....i love salted chicken. Can add a bit of 'tong gui'.