Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas Day

I love Christmas. I love Christmas Eve as that is where family gathered together for a Christmas dinner and toast. Luckily the night of Eve was cleared of rain, as it has been gloomy most of the day yesterday.

We bought a lamb leg from Tom's which cost us around RM150.00. A bit tough I felt or probably I have a bad tooth. I couldn't chew my lamb well last night. Ouch! However I enjoyed the grilled fishes and potatoes dish, compliments from my BIL.

This morning we brought Baby Jay to his first church outing. Since it was his first, we decided to stay in the children room which is on the first floor. Most of the time, he enjoyed what he sees, but he managed to take "eye shut" for 30 minutes.

Half way through the summon, I received a call from my dad (s**t, forgot to put my phone into silent mode but what the heck! The room was filled with noisy children so it was very rowdy and I hardly can hear the priest talking). My dad is suggesting to us to follow him to visit an aunt's house for lunch. Well, we obliged to the request since it has been many years since I didn't see this aunt and cousins. Actually this aunt was given away and adopted by a Bidayuh couple when she was a baby, but throughout the years, she still keep in touch with dad and other uncles.

So after the church, we went home to bathe Baby Jay and off we went to pick my parents and sis. It was about 30 minutes or more drive to aunt's house which is situated after Taman Kwong Khiong in Batu Kawa. So coincidence, when we reached aunt's house, we bumped into other uncles and cousins. So a very big family reunion we had; a lot of catching up, exchange of numbers and emails, snaps etc. I didn't know most of them, which happens to be my cousins-in-laws, nephews and nieces. Lol! You can say, how big my family is.....And Baby Jay being the youngest, was the centre of attention. Everyone asking about my little gal's whereabout. If she was there, I am sure she will be excited to play with her cousins.

When we reached home around 2pm, we were too tired and lazy to visit a neighbour's house. *paisey* Baby Jay has a busy day as he hardly slept. As I was typing this post, hubby went out to buy dinner from BIL's cafe. I don't feel like going out again after spending most of the day outside. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful Christmas Day. How do you spend your Christmas?


smallkucing said...

Lovely photo of the family gathering :)

smallkucing said...

Lovely photo of the family gathering :)

wenn said...

nice! Merry Christmas!

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Dav DiDi said...

Wahhhh .. nice busy xmas day .. for me ... errmmm, i take the time to relax and catch up with some afternoon nap ..