Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are they the cause?

My simple dinner. Cangkuk Manis Vermicelli and Bamboo Clams ("Tek Thang" in Hokkien) cooked in Chinese red wine.

One of my favourite dish of all times is cangkuk manis; I can cook it with egg, or anchovies. But I love my cangkuk manis the most with vermicelli. Hakka specialty.

BIL cooked this dish. Very "steamy" as he dashed a lot of red wine and ginger. It reminds me of my confinement day when I have to take a lot of those Chinese red and wine wine. Lol!! I usually love my bamboo clams to be cooked with curry powder, but I find this dish very appetizing. It brings out the sweetness of the clams. The clams are fresh and sweet, and with the taste of red wine, it added more sweetness to the clams.

Sorry if this bamboo clam looks obscene but I want to show how big those clams are. Telling you the truth, it is about the size of my little fingers. I love fresh seafood. Since I delivered my baby about 3 months ago, I have not indulge myself in much seafood for the fear of developing skin problems.

After delivered my baby, my skin has been extra sensitive. Is it because I developed allergy to certain food or change of hormone after giving birth? I don’t know about some mummies, but when I have my first child, I observed the 4 months of not eating certain shellfishes, belacan, etc. The elderly believed that for those undergoing C-Section, it is better to avoid seafood and certain food to ensure smooth recovery of the wound and prevent any skin irritation.

I did not observed the full 4 months of "no shellfishes" this round. Maybe I am getting bolder. Lol!! I don’t know what causes of my rashes but my guess is the former because when I take some seafood and sambal, I will have some rashes the following day. I took some sambal twice. The next day, both of my hands had rashes. Sometimes they are itchy and it takes time for them to disappear. I wonder is it because of my body’s rejection to seafood or do I have sensitive skin all of a sudden? Oh dear, how can I not taking those seafood for the rest of my life?? Anyone have such problem after giving birth?


smallkucing said... that you say a simple meal ah? looks a bit complicated for me to make. My cooking is terrible :p

Gosh..allergy? seen doctor?

Dav DiDi said...

usually if i eat something new, then i'll get rashes .. hahhaa ... or in touch with perfume, cologne....

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

It could be the cause. Just avoid seafood for a while will you?

Mummy Gwen said...

I never had this prob b4. You should consult a doctor.