Thursday, December 31, 2009

Going into 2010

For those who play Farmville in Facebook, would know what flowers are these. Poinsettia! Yes, real Poinsettia; photo courtesy of Ms Lee from Australia. Thank you for sharing this beautiful flower photo.

What a year it has been for 2009.....

1. QUIT my job for first time in my 9 years of working life. Being a full time mother and spending more times to my 3 years + daughter for 9 months. It was tough but I am happy I am able to have more times and understand her more.
2. I am happy to be part of little gal's first year of her school life. I attended most of her Teacher-Parents Day (actually it is more like update of her progress from her class teacher), competitions and prize giving. I know if I were working, I would not have such times to go to her school and do all those stuff.
3. Learn to cook and experience new recipes. I am glad that hubby commented my cooking is improving. *wink*
4. Welcoming a new member to the family. Little gal has a little brother to share toys and play with.
5. Have obtained licenses to sell unit trust and insurance. So I am a certified UT and Insurance Agent!

As for New Year resolutions, it would be the same as before. Nothing new. Probably I have to add one more resolution. Save money for 2 vacations next year. Lol!

So, what is yours?


wenn said...

happy new year!

smallkucing said...

Happy New Year!

Zooropa said...

So going anywhere this holiday?... Happy 2010 again!


J said...

May all life's best things be yours this 2010. Happy new year!