Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is she a hoax?

I just came back from sending my children away. It is a wet and cold morning; drizzle when I send my girl to pre-school and baby to babysitter's house. As I was approaching the junction turning to babysitter's house, I saw a lady was trying to stop the car in front of me. However that car did not stop.

My first instinct would be that the lady was having trouble with her car, as it was parked the opposite side of the road. She stopped my car too but since Baby Jay is wailing (almost his feeding time), I signalled to the lady I would not stop and in a hurry.

As I suspected, she was still there when I was out from the road junction. This time, I stopped as I was curious with her situation. My first instinct is to lend her my handphone. Maybe she needs to call tow truck or mechanic. She looked helpless and in despair. However, once I unwinded my car window, she was begging me. Instead of a car breakdown, she told me that her son has passed away and husband left her. She did not know what to do and ask for some donation. It is very unfortunate as that time I did not bring my wallet. So, I had to apologize to her. I usually bring my handphone and driving license out in the morning; unless I need to go to the market or buy breakfast then I would bring some money out. So it was a pity for the lady that I did not bring any money out this morning. From the rear window, I saw her stopping other cars while I was leaving the area.

Now that I am thinking about the whole thing, I am wondering whether she is genuine or just a hoax, solicit money from others. Even if she is a genuine, there must be other way for her to get money. Not begging on the road, causing jam on a raining day.


smallkucing said...

I think she lost her mind

Ez Vina said...

She shoundn't be begging on the road.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hmm..i think could be a hoax. i just read about similar cases in the papers yesterday. pretty scary to stop the car and talk to strangers these days. Be careful :)

mNhL said...

Better becareful. Hubby and I was stopped by 1 aunty once and told us long sad story. Hubby gave her RM10, and she requested for RM20. Hubby gave her because pity her. Days later, we saw her again at the same spot, doing the same thing. She must have forgotten us and stop us again. This time, hubby got angry and just tell her straight - U cheated my money once, u forgot? Then, she quickly turn and walk away. Sad.