Friday, November 6, 2009

Into the machine

It is year end weather. So as expected, there would be shower and heavy rain almost every day. And it also means that the laundry would not be smelling nice and dry.

I do my laundry every morning and if the sun is co-operative, then I will usually hang my laundry at the back of the house. Otherwise I will place them under the shed in case there is black cloud or when I am not at home.

Now with the purchase of a 10kg washing machine, I could even wash my curtains. No longer would I need to bring them to the laundry service. I save on the laundry cost, but boy! Curtains are sure heavy when they are washed; it takes my energy away just to bring them out to dry under the sun. It is indeed convenient to own a big load, but you also have some trouble taking your washed laundry from the machine. Why? Because you need to dig deeper since your machine is bigger! I wonder if my arm would grow few inches or not from the stretching? Lol!

This morning as usual I did my laundry and I discovered treasure in my washing machine again after the wash. Why? Because hubby left coins in his pocket.For umpth time, I keep reminding him to empty his pocket before throwing into the laundry basket. Probably I should do the final checking before throw into the machine, but I tend to rely on him to do it himself. Sometimes I also discover paper, tissues and even pen after wash. Oh dear!!! How forgetful is he?!! Why doesn't he leave some money for me instead? Lol!


Zooropa said...

pen also found in the washing machine?! will it spoil the machine?... Anyway, happy laundry & happy weekend!


smallkucing said...

Be grateful that it is coin. Mine was handphone.huh huh huh

wenn said...

well..sometimes i forget too..when I was folding my clothes, i found that there were some notes in my pocket..

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

Wifey has been complaining that the laundry doesn't get a chance to dry properly too what with it raining ever single day..

Happy weekend Rose.

Ez Vina said...

You can keep those coins in your piggy bank.

mNhL said...

Hahah..I like this post. It happen to us too! And worst...because it was baby's soil diaper being washed together in the machine. Luckily only urine and not poo poo! *faint* (Not my fault. It was SIL who turned on the machine that night) hahaha