Monday, November 16, 2009

Going back to the field

In 1 week time, I would be working in the new company. 6 days a week, 8-5. And it means I have to wear office wear to work. I wonder whether I can still fit into some of my office wear. Probably not much problem with the shirt, but I have yet to trim much on my waist, so I wonder I can fit into those trousers or not. Lol! If not, the worse thing would be shopping for new wardrobe. *wink*

This week would be the last week of schooling. My little gal has been telling me this morning that they are having movie day, watching cartoons the whole morning. She keeps telling me that there would be movie tomorrow, need to close the curtains and switch off the lights. No more class, but activities and movie watching for the remaining week. There will be a sports day this Thursday. Hmm, I wonder my little gal will participate in any games or not. Maybe I will drop by and catch a glimpse of her Sports Day.

Next week she would be following her grandfather to Kapit for a month holiday. And it means I would not be seeing her for about a month. I am going to miss her. The last time I am away from her is last year in September when I was in KL for a 3 weeks training. And I would not be the only one that missing her. When I told her baby sitter that she will be away for a month, her baby sitter said she is going to miss her. Her baby sitter really loves her, treating her like her own child.

I am going to miss her, and will only see her around Christmas time. However I guess with my new work in hand, I probably will be pre-occupied more with the new working environment, people and culture. On other hand, I am concern that I may not be getting used with the job after been lay off for many months. It has been almost 9 months since I stop working. It may takes some times to get used to it again. I know I would eventually get used to it.


Dav DiDi said...

Hey, all da best !!

Ez Vina said...

Time to go shopping, luckily its year end sale now.

Deana E said...

all the best Rose

Zooropa said...

yeah all the best in the new company!