Thursday, October 15, 2009

What she eats

It is always hard to feed my 3 years old girl. She is choosy and tends not to be too adventurous when it comes to food. Some day she would like this dish, but other day, she will not touch it. So, it is pretty unpredictable to know what is her appetite.

Little gal loves to put her food in her mouth for as long as she likes. We say that she is lazy to chew and swallow her food. It takes ages to feed her one small bowl of rice. Most of the times, I have to remind her to chew and swallow her food.

So, to make life easier for her (and me), I usually cook porridge for her. She loves fishes especially those fried and crunchy types. I have to fry the fishes to perfect crunch, and break the fishes into smaller pieces for her.

To make her porridge more nutritious, usually I add some carrots and potatoes into it. That is what she eats most of the times. Funny appetite, right?


mNhL said...

It is the same when comes to feed YX. He is a pricky eater and love fried fish too! He loves meat but not vege. Till now, I can't even introduce carrot to him, but he love pumpkin porridge. Just got to be patient. As long as they eat, we can take it easy. :-)

Nick Phillips said...

Kids that age are kinda fussy. Don't worry too much though cos eventually they'll want to eat everything ... hehehe!

Hazel said...

Nelson too very choosy,i always cut the vege into small size so he won't see it

wenn said...

maybe u can add some minced meat..

Dav DiDi said...

Wahhhh .... hard leh if kids being choosy with food