Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Online friends

I have few friends whom I keep in touch and chat via MSN almost everyday. But now that we are moving into Facebook, we communicate through it more often. I find it easy as my friends have Facebook accounts and they check their Facebook home every single day. So if one of them is not around, I would start wondering what is going on with him or her.

It is great to know what they have been up to, but I find one of them rather blunt in her postings. Every day she would boast about her appearance and love life. I find that rather absurd as she will keeps posting the same things all over again. She fine tuning her words in other way, but it all means the same. I know that everyone has the right to post what ever they want to on their homes, but please! Don’t they have other things better to do??


Merryn said...

@_@ arent u afraid u might have offended her by posting this? i mean, if she's one of ur blogging kakis, she's bound to read this rite?

Deana E said...

pray that she won't..hehehe some ppl has not other avenue to share the feelings but fb..

Rose world said...

She is not my blogging kaki. :p I just pissed off with her.