Friday, October 16, 2009

It is weekend again

And it means that:

1) the scolding and reprimand are starting again over the weekend. Extra works around the house for me too. Little gal will take out her toys and games. Sometimes she tends to ignore our instructions to keep them away. So usually I keep her stuff away at the end of the day to save extra work. Otherwise if you keep them, she will take them out again. She does that just to annoy you, sometimes I feel.

2) hubby is having a "me" times the whole Saturday and Sunday by sticking himself in front of the computer. We seldom go out, either we cook at home or hubby "tapau" food from outside. It is troublesome to bring a baby out. In other word, I am lazy to pack for his stuff and Baby Jay sweats profusely.

3) I couldn't win the games of "tv remote control pressing" with my little gal. She always gets what channel she wants to watch. I have been missing a lot of my AXN channel series for many weeks!

4)laundry will be piling up in the basket with cloth diapers. I have been seriously thinking of investing in dryer for new house. During rainy season like year end, it is hard to dry your laundry under warm sun!!

5) I couldn't take my afternoon nap as I like. Depends on the little guy's schedule, he is pretty active almost during the day

6) hubby will show no sign of two-ways communication. I feel like I am talking to a wall. He is too engrossed with his computer games.

7)I will spend 30 minutes or so feeding my little gal with food. She just slow like a snail when come to eating. She will put the food in her mouth as long as she wants. She is too lazy to eat, chew and swallow her food. If I let her feeds herself, most of the food will fall on the floor.

8) I will have to bath my Baby Jay with help of hubby. On weekday I do not have to worry about that as he is going to babysitter. But when come to weekend, I will have to do it myself; and I have to admit, I am not good at bathing young babies. Sorry to say that although this is my 2nd child, I still did not master the bathing skill. When I have my little gal, most of the times my SIL or hubby helped me to bath her. One holding her and the other bathing her. Only when she was able to sit straight by herself that I started to bath her by myself without help. Yeap, I am a helpless mummy when comes to bathing babies.

9) We will stay in our air-conditioned room. Baby Jay cannot stand heat as he sweats a lot and since he is still using Ellgy and did not use any lotion or powder due to his sensitive skin, he does not have that nice baby scent! Lol! So, we stay in our air-conditioned room most of the time. And last month's electricity bill amounting to RM500.00!! Imagine that! 3 air-conditions switched on during the nights (including mine 24/7 last month when I was in my confinement).

10) with all those works, I will have sore back by the end of the day. I couldn't help but get hubby to massage my back.

Happy weekend, everyone and to those celebrating Deepavali tomorrow, Happy Deepavali.


mNhL said...

yeah...weekends normally is my cleaning day unless hubby have plan to go for a short day trip, then the cleaning session will be postpone. heheh...

Ez Vina said...

so rajin, cloth diapering?! I use disposable only :(!

smallkucing said...

Sorry to hear that. Must be hard to take care of two kids. Hope you'll be able to have some "Me" time soon