Monday, July 13, 2009

Yummy cuttlefish porridge

*cough cough* Yeap, the usual sickness, cough and sore throat. And last night, die die also must eat McDonald's fish o fillet. One of the crazy craving. Now I am down with sore throat.

When I crave for something, I will try to think of a way to have it! And yes, today is another day when I am craving for something. Cuttlefish porridge. I remember my mum used to cook this porridge when my dad wanted to eat it. It is very simple to cook, just that the preparation of the cuttlefish is tedious.

Dried cuttlefish (soak, clean, remove its purplish skin and bones and shredded into smalled pieces)
Shallots (for garnishing)
Salt, white pepper and light soya sauce

1. Heat up some oil in a wok. Add in some shallots and fry them. Put fried shallots aside.
2. Next, add in the shredded cuttlefish into the hot wok and stir fry till fragrant. Together with the oil, pour all the fried cuttlefish into a pot of water.
3. Throw in the washed rice and turn on the heat.
4. Let the porridge simmer till cuttlefish is soften. You can add in water anytime if you like your porridge to be watery.
5. Add salt, pepper and light soya sauce to taste. Turn off the heat. Add in some fried shallot into your bowl of porridge.


Note: You can add some balls of minced pork and preserved cabbage into the porridge for added flavour. You may also substitute cuttlefish with anchovies.


Merryn said...

Dat's the first for ME! I've never tried cuttlefish porridge in my life. I love sotong kangkung though. And I love sotong in my steamboat!

Ez Vina said...

look nice, I want to try also.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Cuttlefish is nice. I tried to cook it with porridge too before. Taste nice.

princess said...

Rose, it is a very nutritious meal. It helps not only maintain good health for pregnant ladies but also milk production. Keep it up and get the milk production started.

Dav DiDi said...

I ate pork porridge for lunch on Saturday .. then chicken porridge for dinner on Sun .. and leftover of the chicken porridge for today's breakfast..

Hhmmmmm... maybe next round of porridge, I'll cook cuttlefish porridge.. but... I hate to clean them! haaiihzz