Wednesday, June 12, 2024

New stalls


There was this new stall that opened not long ago in this food court and I meant to try it out one day. I did on my recent visit. 

RM27 frog porridge

DBS Geylang Frog Porridge!! We ordered a set to share. We opted for Kung Pao flavour for the frog meat, so it was spicy and sweet with onion, ginger and spring onions. Hubby and I enjoyed the porridge very much. 

Someone was super hungry that evening that she ordered this Chinese economy rice from Satay House. That was very filling. 

RM10.50 from Satay House 

Depends on what dishes they cook, sometimes I will buy a dish or two, and cook rice at home for dinner. 

RM7 from Happy Kitchen Snack Bar

Hubby ordered this egg wrap from another new stall. Great snack for someone who needs a quick fix. 

Cha Kueh RM6

Another snack we had was this cha kueh, which we never tasted before. I ordered the salty cha Kueh which was good. The Kueh was fried to crispy perfection.  I would sure reorder when I come to this food court in the future. 


Lotus said...

The char kueh looks savory and yummy.

mun said...

I will go for the egg wrap. Used to eat frog legs a very long time ago.

Angie's Recipes said...

Can't remember when I last had frogs. The char kueh looks very good.