Friday, September 22, 2023

Old Rex

I have only been to Old Rex Cafe in its new location back in early 2021 with my dad and sis. That time we didn't have its well known cucur especially the cucur udang (prawns fritters). 

It has been more than 2 years since, and I was craving for the fritters one afternoon. A nice spot for afternoon break that's for sure. After picking up my girl from school, we drove to the coffee shop which was few minutes drive away. An afternoon tea break while killing the time as we needed to pick up Jay from his afternoon class session after that. Convenient to hang out at that area than driving home and then need to drive out again in an hour time. 

There was many patrons at the coffee shop when we reached there around 415pm. Luckily we were able to find a table, just right in front of this cha kueh stall. 

The friendly stall operator served us by helping to order our drink. And we also ordered from him a serving of cha kueh with additional egg (RM7 total) to try on. 

Initially we wanted to tapau to enjoy at home so he served in a takeaway pack but we ended up eating there. It sure tasted good while it was warm!!

Our assortment of fritters that mil and I ordered; we had cucur udang (prawn fritters),  fried yam, fried sweet potatoes, and ngor hiang (spring roll). 

My mil had ABC (above) which she enjoyed as it wasn't that sweet. Meanwhile I had ngor mee th'ng (sweet chilled dessert).

Digging into the shaven ice, my ngor mee th'ng hidden beneath it. Great to take on a warm late afternoon.  And enjoy with the fritters that we have. I was surprised that my Jamie loved and ate most of the cucur udang that I bought 4 pieces @RM1.60 each home. 

After done with our tea break, we took our leave and headed to school to wait for Jay. And he finished off all the cucur udang in the car!!


Angie's Recipes said...

Looks like that you had a yummy tea break, Rose. I would love to try some prawns fritters.

suituapui said...

It was very popular when it was at the back of the Rex Cinema. The satay there was so good too - people kept going back for more and then some people started spreading rumours that they put dadah in theirs so everyone got addicted! What nonsense!

Nux V said...

I like cucur udang too. Hard to find good ones these days. I m drooling over the ais kacang!

mun said...

Nice snacks and ice desserts. I like to eat them too.

Reanaclaire said...

I like your assortment of fritters, something I would go for when I see them. Nice desserts too, now I am missing ice kacang!