Sunday, January 29, 2023

The best

After a brief visit to Underwater World in Cenang, we decided to head to Kuah town for lunch and duty free shops. It was about 30 minutes, more or less drive to Kuah town. 

Hubby did all the planning when it comes to food so he was browsing on which shop to have lunch. And we found out about this eatery, which has a good review. One of the best seafood restaurant, Kuah Town Seafood.

Simple, tidy establishment with printed old photos of old shops in Kuah on the wall.  Not many seating as a small shop, but business seemed to be good.  They have their regular customers from our observation.  The lady boss took our order.

She recommended their mantis prawn with kam heong but worry it would be too spicy for the kids, so we changed it to be cooked with butter.  It was a good decision as their crispy butter mantis prawns were super tasty and addictive.  

The same said for its salted egg soft shell crabs. Went so well with white rice. 

With the flavourful mantis prawns and soft shell crabs, we balanced it up with stir fried mixed vegetables. Nothing was wrong with this dish where the kids were concerned.

The cashew nut chicken was the lady boss' recommendation, and indeed it was delicious.  Crispy chicken strips with carrot, green pepper, chillies and cashew nuts in one plate. The kids loved this dish very much.

We also had soup for lunch.  Something simple like this soft tofu soup. 

Lastly hubby wanted to taste its pineapple fried rice.  Supposed to share around but it was slightly peppery and spicy, so mostly went into hubby and my tummies.  Jay took few bites and complained of its spiciness.  We ordered 3 bowls of white rice as well to share around.

All dishes were small portion as per our request. Just nice in size, and we had to pack some leftover in mantis prawns. We did finished it off that evening before we went out for our dinner in Cenang. Total bill amounting to slightly over RM80, inclusive of drink. That was cheap! And we were satisfied and happy with the serving.  The best meal we had while we were in Langkawi. Everyone enjoyed the lunch very much that we ordered extra 2 bowls of white rice to go with the delicious dishes.  


Angie's Recipes said...

That's a really delicious and moreish meal. Prawns and crabs are both my favourites.

suituapui said...

The pineapple fried rice looks good! I know Kuah Town well, only place I would go and eat when in Langkawi. Nice food at the shops there!

Nux V said...

So cheap with those seafood dishes! Hardly can find such price anymore in KL.

mun said...

Surprisingly the price is very good for a tourist island. The mantis prawns dish sounds very tasty. Yums yummy!