Monday, August 12, 2019

From one to three

One Sunday we came here for our favourite claypot rice.

And to our surprise, the coffee shop has more stalls operating to serve its customers.

The coffee shop came to life in the evening with the claypot rice stall for months and I guess it was enjoying good business and regular customers that now more and more stalls were opening in the evening.

From one stall to three stalls! There was a fried fritters stall in front of the shop and then this fried stall next to the claypot rice stall. 

They even has the Dayak specialty, ayam pansuh too but only on certain days.

Back to our dinner, we ordered some starters to fill up our rumbling tummies. It would took quite some time for our claypot rice to be ready so we ordered some banana fritters to eat. 

Jan went to order RM2 of these crispy, tasty banana fritters.

And Jamie and Jay requested for sio bee so I ordered 5 pieces for the boys.

The kids enjoyed the starter while we were watching the claypot rice been prepared and cooked. 

Soon our piping hot claypot chicken rice came on our table.

Better stir it while it is hot!

2 big claypots (extra lap cheong and salted fishes) plus 4 bowls of peanut soup for RM32!

My hubby never stopped at one bowl of this soup. He ordered another bowl for RM1.

Satisfying and filling dinner, we couldn't moved after that!! 


suituapui said...

I hope to get to eat claypot rice if I go over to Kuching! Can't get it here anymore. Sobsss!!!

Small Kucing said...

I remember the sio bee at your part of the world very nice

Iwona said...

Interesting place :)

Sakuranko said...

Oh the food looks great

Reanaclaire said...

Real satisfying meal, that goes for me too!!

Nancy Chan said...

I love clay pot rice and peanut soup too. I miss fried banana fritters.

PH said...

I love claypot chicken rice!

mun said...

The sio bee looks so big.

Libby said...

Claypot rice goes with peanut soup is the best combination!