Thursday, April 25, 2019

Passed on

It was recently that we found out that this claypot rice guy has passed on. We did went to have his claypot chicken rice last year when he and wife moved to this shop in Trinity Hub.

However a friend told us that the wife has moved back to their original place, Fu Xiang coffee shop in Rubber road. The husband used to do all the cooking and fanning while wife served the food. Now, the husband has passed on, she is to do all the cooking but luckily she has two helpers to help her washing and seeing.

After learning that she has moved back to Rubber road, hubby suggested to have her claypot rice on Good Friday evening. The weather was nice for a warm claypot rice. Luckily the coffee shop wasn't full and it didn't take long for our food to arrive.

The claypot chicken rice tasted the same. Flavorful with chicken and sausage slices and bits of salted fish with soy sauce mixture. The peanut soup was as good as before. Hubby always order few bowls of her peanut soups. The peanuts were cooked till tender and the soup was slightly peppery and heaty. Nice to take on a cold evening.

The coffee shop only has this lady operating the claypot rice. Other stalls are closed in the evening. The shop owner operates the drinks section and only open with the claypot rice stall. It has been like that in the past. When the claypot rice people moved away, the coffee shop closed in the evening.

Now that the claypot rice lady is back in operation, she has her regular customers and the coffee shop enjoys some decent business. 


Nancy Chan said...

One of these days I must go for our clay pot chicken rice.

Merryn said...

She is one strong lady, being able to continue after her beloved husband's demise. Am glad that the food still tastes the same. I hope she'll continue to have thriving business.

Libby said...

Slurps! You made me have craving for claypot chicken rice and the peanut soup is definitely a bonus if I eat claypot chicken rice.

suituapui said...

Oh dear! Life is so unpredictable. I was shocked to hear the news a few days later that one of my ex-classmates who was here for the reunion passed away suddenly.

Imemily said...

claypot rice always my mum's favourite
but the price is not cheap in KL

mun said...

Good that you all go support her business. Was her husband elderly? Or was it a premature death?

Rose world said...

Not that old. Maybe in his late 50s. I am not sure of the cause of death.

Milentry said...

A great post! I love your blog < 3
I am following you and invite you to me

Twilight Man said...

Sometimes it is sad when the spouse dies, the other has to manage alone.
You really made me drool when you described Flavorful with chicken and sausage slices and bits of salted fish with soy sauce mixture.