Tuesday, June 26, 2018

First night

On their first night in Kuching, we brought our friends to Topspot food centre for an enticing seafood dinner.

Our favourite stall is this Ling Loong Seafood. We left the ordering to the men and since it was just around 530pm, the place wasn't so full yet.

The weather was just nice as the rain has stopped. We were able to enjoy the light breeze and good seafood without feeling hot and stuffy under the beautiful evening sky.

Our first dish to arrive on our table was the well-known Kuching o-chien (oyster pancake). Our KL friends were singing praises of this dish and enjoyed it very much.

We ordered 2 big lobsters and thankfully the lobsters were fresh and sweet. Loved the simple and tasty gravy that they cooked with it. Preserved the natural sweetness and freshness of the crustacean.

The steamed fish came next. Lovely too but I only took a spoonful as I was busy eating the crabs.

Their special butter salted egg yolk crabs. Our first time trying this way of cooking crabs. Surprisingly it was nice. Something different from the usual butter or salted egg crabs.

For vegetables, we had the stir fried cangkuk manis with eggs and stir fried pea shoots with garlic. Initially we wanted midin but the stall didn't have that vegetable so we decided on cangkuk manis instead. Our lady friend loved this vegetable so much that she finished up the vegetable herself and ordered again the next day.

We also had a plate of beancurds but I didn't take photo of that. Overall, it was a delightful dinner where our friends enjoyed and they commented on the price. Reasonable as compared to KL price, according to them. 

We ended the lovely evening with a drink and chat at one of the bistro in Kuching Waterfront. Overlooking the Sarawak river, where we could enjoy the nice river breeze, dusk and Malay kampung across the river. And we managed to catch a glimpse of the river cruise moving slowly along the river.

That was the end to a great day but more to come the next day.


Sharon D. said...

You had me at Kuching o-chien, Rose. It is the most impressive egg dish I have ever seen! What I'd give to try this. Such a lovely meal this is. To end the day at the waterfront is perfect. I'm a romantic at heart, this sort of scenery gives me the warm and fuzzy.

Rose world said...

Hi Sharon. It is actually not an egg dish. Totally no egg used. Not the usual oyster pancake that you could find over there. I know they add egg to the oyster omelette but not ours.

suituapui said...

I like Top Spot...but no pork...and not cheap! Tourist slaughterhouse. :D

Nancy Chan said...

The or chien looks so different from ours. Crab is my favourite!

PH said...

I love the two vegetables. I am not so keen on seafood especially crabs. Quite messy to eat.

mun said...

two big lobsters for rm223 is worth it!

lina said...

Wah! So good makan!

The river cruise look nice too.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

When it comes to seafood, i can't resist the temptation...