Sunday, January 31, 2016

Miscellaneous Picture #49: January favourites

January has been a busy yet exciting month. Glad that it is coming to an end, because I am so looking forward to a shorter but festive February. Woohoo!!

This month, we started some works and spring cleaning to the house. Everyone was working together to make the house cleaner and tidier. Hard work mixed with fun for the kids.

Cleaning up the doodles on wall

CNY is just a week away. Time really flies very fast. I don't know where it goes but because we are busy with schools and other commitment, we do not really prepare much for this year's CNY. Partly blame on the bad economy too. ^^

Red Greeting Card from Sharon

By the way, a special thanks to Sharon from Singapore for this lovely card.  You are very sweet, my dear friend.

Butterfly sticker

Don't think it was flew by this cute butterfly but it took over 2 weeks to reach me. Nevertheless, it arrived safely. Thank you once again, Sharon.

Rain or shine?

Weather has been crazy this January. Don't know whether it is going to rain or sunny. Some day, it would be those gloomy cloudy sky greeting us the whole day. Not a great time for laundry. And luckily I do not need to fry any crackers (keropok) this year so no need to dry any under the sun.

Japanese roses

On the other hand, my flowers and plants in the garden do not complain much about the weather. They are growing well although one or 2 pots were dying off.

Jay in class

Back to school for the kids. Jay is adapting well and has few friends now. Now he is seated just in front of the teacher's desk. Either he is naughty or he is in need of attention. Lol.

One of his favourite things-to-do in school is going, buying food and eating in the canteen. On 1st week, he has gone to the school canteen during recess and buy his own food eventhough I packed his snack box. Sigh! I think RM5 per week would not be enough for him. He even spend on his friend and shared crackers (keropok) with the friend!

Choco muffins

I did managed to bake this month. Only once. Better than none. Not so perfect but these chocolate muffins were edible.

That's my wrap for January!


Nancy Chan said...

Hurray for your kids for their teamwork in helping to clean up the house. Now I have to watch the sky in order to do my laundry. I need bright sun to dry my bed sheets, blankets and also to sun the pillows and boosters. The weather is so unpredictable.

Imemily said...

it is busy month for us too
helping mom to prepare the CNY cookies

Merryn said...

I think most everyone is scaling down on festivities this year. We are too but somehow we spent as much on the kids. William and I don't buy much for ourselves but the kids still get new clothes, shoes and everything. Must keep the CNY spirit up with the kids :)

Linda said...

You have been busy, Rose! Thank you so much for sharing this post. :)

Anonymous said...

So nice! More hands make light work. I have to do it all alone, missus busy making cookies and cakes. Sobssss!!!!

So sweet of Sharon to send cards to everybody...and your boy too, so nice to share his food with his friends. Must be teacher's pet lah...sit in front. Or he was late and all the seats were taken, first day of school.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

One more week to go and it's CNY... Good that the card reach safely... Good that he share food with his friend...

mun said...

Good to do a short summary for each month! Your January is so busy but fruitful!

Hayley said...

Good that you have helpers at home, I also want helpers to help me!! Anyone? :p

Huai Bin said...

Yeah, Chinese New Year coming soon! :)

I'm looking forward to flying back to Sibu to celebrate. I already bought my fireworks. Haha. I also bought in KL to play with the kids so that was fun too.

That is a nice butterfly! Is it a pendant or pin?

Rose world said...

It is a sticker, HB. ^^

Have a great holiday back in Sibu with your loved ones.

ChrisAu said...

Same here , I was too busy with work and family that the pre CNY joy are short lived and CNY is just around the corner.

Sharon D. said...

Jay is a generous kid - must have picked it up from his wonderful parents. ;)