Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend escape

Hello! Did anyone miss me? Lol! I think no one realised that I have gone for a day or so and hardly blog-hopping over the weekend. So what did I do for the past 2 days?

Together with my dearest hubby, we flew back to Kuching on Friday night. 

We had a wedding reception to attend on Saturday night. It was a very lovely and grand event.

The ticket-like invitation card

Lovely set up at the entrance

Ice sculpture

Door gifts for guests

It means that I got to dress up for the dinner. And I did something for the very 1st time too! Selfie in a lady washroom before the reception! Lol.

How is this for a start?

Another one

So I took this good opportunity to escape with hubby and leave the kids in the good care of others! Opps! Now I am guilty as charged!

However we did spent our times at home cleaning up and getting everything ready before we bring the kids home this week. Yeap! We are going home this week. I also took out old clothings and passed some to my sil who is pregnant with 3rd baby.

We were supposed to hit the gym and pool but all the chores took much of our times. Or maybe I should say 2 days was not enough to do much!

One of my favourite portraits

And ta-da! My family portrait! We developed 6 different poses in total and this is my favourite! Am happy with the outcome. Kids had been so cooperative during the studio shots in September.

Flew back here last night. A short break with dearest but I am glad we have good times together without the kids. Even married couples need some times together, away from kids once a while. :)


ChrisAu said...

wow...such a lovely wedding pixs and you and your family looks great!

Anonymous said...

Pullman, eh? Never been there. The one next door, yes...Hilton. A cousin's son was supposed to have the wedding reception there once...but it was cancelled - dunno why he changed his mind about marrying the girl. Sigh!!! Young people these days. Anything can happen.

Small Kucing said...

Saw them in FB. It's really good la the potrait

Linda said...

Your photos are lovely! I agree with you, even married couples need time away from everyone. You and your family look wonderful!

Princess Ribbon said...

The wedding reception looks lovely, and you too, look lovely, very elegant too..

Azura Chan said...

Nicecwedding reception. You look stunning!

Merryn said...

I love your family portrait. Very nice.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Loves the 6th picture of you selfie in the washroom, hehe...

wenn said...

that's a lovely family picture. So sweet..

mun said...

Very nice family portrait! Must take one every year since children grow up so fast.

This trip is liks a honeymoon for you both (if don't count the house cleaning la)

Sharon D. said...

I loved the family pics - it was well taken :)

ahlost said...

love your last quote.. so I must enjoy as much as I can when I am still with the hubbie now :D