Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Honey Lemon

If I have a garden, the very first tree I am going to plant would be a lemon tree. Then the tree would grow and bear fruits so I can use in my cooking, for lemonade and natural air freshener. Okay, just a little day dreaming here but no harm done right?

Usually when I dine out, I would order fresh honey lemon for my drink.  I like the scent and taste of refreshing honey lemon which is a mix of sweet and sour. Great for my throat and good to drink on a warm day.
If I have this lemon tree at home, ....

Anyway, continue with my food adventure, I dropped by this Honey Lemon Cafe & Zakka last night. Have meant to check out this place for months but did not manage too. I think it used to be called a different name then? 

If you are wondering what does Zakka mean, I got the interpretation from Wikipedia. Zakka (from the Japanese 'zak-ka'(雑貨)or 'many things') is a fashion and design phenomenon that has spread from Japan throughout Asia. The term refers to everything and anything that improves your home, life and appearance.

It was my first time there last night, so the waiter was happily introducing his food menu to us. It is a fusion cafe, so they have oriental food, snacks to Western. After we put our order, we were left to roam around.

They have a corner of merchandise, mostly for girls.

They have stuff from accessories, gels, potpourri to handbags.

Their bags corner.  Not my kind of taste!  *wink*

My SIL ordered its red bean dessert, which tasted alright.  Not too sweet, but if they could add a bit more coconut milk to it, it would be nicer.
My kids shared this fried rice, which fit for 2 persons.  Very huge portion. The fried rice was good, enough "wok hei".

No, I did not ordered my usual honey lemon drink because I wanted carrot milk juice.  High in beta-carotene.  *wink*

My SIL had this baked cheesy chicken rice.  Look at their "over-presented" baked chicken rice!  I think they should omit the shredded cucumber and cabbage, as it over-whelming the dish.  The rice was alright but the cheese was not so "cheesy" enough as it did not melt into the rice.  So this dish fell flat in taste.

I were thinking of no-rice dinner, so I ordered its chicken chop with mushroom sauce.  A bit disappointment for me as the chicken chop was not well marinated.  Rather bland and the mushroom sauce was not so great. The coleslaw was too sour, as they added too much lemon in the coleslaw.

The place looks like a good place to hang out but different story for its food.

Maybe the next time I drop by here, I will try its local dish such as nasi lemak or nasi ayam penyet.  Both dishes look delicious in the picture.  But I guess I got to try them out to know how good they are, right? Another time then!


Princess Ribbon said...

I like the red bean dessert but looks like not enuff milk.. Like you said, if got more coconut milk, then it will be creamier.. I like your chicken chop with mushroom sauce too, if you didn't say it was bland, I thought it was very flavourful.. Look at the creamy sauce..

Ezvina said...

I have lime tree at my backyard, not lemon but same family ;)

mun said...

Long time I did not eat baked cheesy rice. So I guess you are giving this place another chance to eat their local food.

Sharon D. said...

It's a good dream. May it become a reality one day ;)

Hayley said...

Actually lemon is a very useful food! Not only can be eaten, the skin can be used for other purposes too!

ChrisAu said...

Honey lemon served in hot is nice. I prefer it this way. Wow..lots of food here. Somehow , I want that carrot juice , maybe I'm thirsty now. Hahah

suituapui said...

Good eh? I went when it was under a different name - ok, not rushing back for more.

Since they came under this new name, we went for lunch once - but nothing much available - everything they said, for dinner we just left. May drop by again to try.

Small Kucing said...

I like the look of the fried rice. Not lumpy. Love the rice that is butir butir

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Ice lemon tea and honey lemon, both are my favourite drink...