Monday, December 23, 2013

School holiday activities: Road to Mukah

We made a day road trip to Mukah today. FIL needs to do some business in Mukah so hubby decided to drive him there. And of course me and kids (minus baby) tag along since we never been there. Heard so much about Mukah keropok and belacan. *wink*

So after picked my fil from the wharf around 9something  we immediately went for a quick breakfast in Sibu before drive to Mukah. Took us almost 3 hours as hubby drove pretty slow since unfamiliar with the road and we were in light and easy mood.
Passing Selangau on the way

Along the way we had to go through a long crawl (almost 20minutes) due to road construction. Along the way we saw many oil palms and many trucks loading the fruits.

We reached Mukah around 12.45pm. We drove around the town and had our lunch before brought fil to do his stuff.

The yellow bridge leading to Mukah

Far away you can see the low tide in the noon

The icon of Mukah (above) and magnificient clock tower (below)

Our next road trip? Should be tomorrow if my driver is not tired otherwise we will do it on Christmas Day. One more day to Christmas. ♥


Libby said...

Merry Christmas Rose!

ChrisAu said...

Nice beach there and merry Xmas!

Azura Chan said...

I grew up in Mukah, followed my father transfered from Kuching since around 80's. Back then, there were still cows and goats everywhere along the road side. hehe...

So much improvement by now. Must 'tapau' umai from Mukah. The best!

suituapui said...

3 hours? That's normal...not slow. Sigh!!!! I wonder when they will finish the road upgrading! Had to drive through that a few times before school closed for the holidays...and now school is going to reopen in a week or so. So slow!!! Terrible! Terrible!!! JKR...jangan kerja rajin, like that lah!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Merry Christmas!!!