Friday, December 20, 2013

5 ways on how to avoid overspending during the holidays

The holidays have arrived once again.  People are no doubt going to riot throught malls for their last-minute Christmas shopping.  It is easy to get swayed by the spirit of gratitude and you buy gifts and new anything this time of the year, but what about what happens afterwards?  Will you soak in depression once you realize that you're so broke?  Worry not, because here are the best five ways that you can avoid spending all of your money:

1) The naughty and Nice List
This isn't to determine who gets something (or nothing) from you - although that helps a bit too in terms of prioritizing the people who you really want to spend your money on - it works for actually making a list.  Whether you have a big budget or not, put it on the list and STICK TO IT. Mark your budget it in red so you'll alway be reminded that it's all you have.  Once your list is ready, keep it in your pocket, yout phone or your wallet.  Always look at it wheever you are about to buy something you know isn't  in your list.  Remind yourself that you're supposed to be a good gift giver, not really Santa.

2) Gifts from the Heart (and Hands)
Who says personalized gifts are irrelebant?  The best gifts are still the ones you made yourself. If you've got time a few days before a supposed Christmas party or reunion, try to whip up something artsy or homemade, something that will significantly lower your Christmas shopping costs.

3) Put your card in a sock
Not a Christmas card or a gift tag, but your credit card . The point is to keep it safely tucked away when you're shopping. People get drowned in debt because they use their credit cards when shopping.  If you use the little piece of plastic to buy all your Christmas needs, you might find yourself still paying for the debt even two to three Christmases in the future.

4) Everyone gets something
If you're the type who wants to make sure that everyone you know needs to have something from you this Christmas, then it's time to shy away from bargain deals - it's time to embrace them.  Especially when you are buying time and you have a small budget, you can try buying a bulk of less pricey giveaways rather than buying everyone in your list an individual gift.  Buy something that people will remember you by, like a bunch of pens or a batch of cookies or chocolates for everyone.

5) Resist your temptations
Even if you're got everything on a budget, you'll fall dangerously close to still overspending if you spot something that YOU want for yourself. You'll make silly excuses like "friendship accessories" or "bestie4life" as a reason to buy the same gift just for yourself.  Remember that this is the season for giving gifts to others, not yourself.

It's too late to start saving now, so a good piece of advice for next year is to save well before the Christmas rush begins.  Other than that, keep these things in mind and you'll definitely start the new year with a smile on your face and a not-so-empty pocket. 


Sharon D. said...

Neat tips, Rose. I can still be saved ~ I covered the VIPs in my life earlier on and am only doing my major Christmas shopping ^.^

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I will have a list on what to buy, if not wait forget this, forget that...

wenn said...

haha..I don't write a list. I just do it spontaneously as it's all in my head.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

HeLLO Rose,
Good tips fpr saving. But I'm a bad money manager.

suituapui said...

Bought my present yet? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

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